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Lord Devron Beruna founded the colony in ???2175. In the beginning it was primarily just a primitive mining colony but as it developed and expanded it grew. Now it is a major exporter of refined metals, fruit and other valued commodities.
In 229411.28 one of the minor houses aligned with House Beruan of the Caraadian Empire defected, transferring their loyalty and control of the colony and the space port to the Valcarians. Due to the placement of their current military forces the Caraadian government thought that calling in a neutral 3rd party might buy them the time needed to reclaim the system. As a result the crew of the [[USS Atlantis]], a Federation starship was allowed to enter the system and involve themselves in the power struggle.
In 229411.28 one of the minor houses aligned with House Beruna defected to the Valcarian Imperial Republic turning over control of the colony and the space port to them.
===Space Port===
This facility is primarily a commercial facility with minimal militaristic capabilities, however it does have 2 docking ports which are reserved for and only used by military vessels. A space tether connects the ground spaceport to the orbital spaceport for shipping vessels that are unable to land. It allows for a more economical transfer of goods and people between the planets surface and the spaceport.
Devron has an over abundance of industrial metals, (Both light and heavy) which was the original reason for the Caraadians to establish a colony on this planet. As for other types of resources there are some crystals (Dilithium included but not a major resource) and gems with the quality ranging from sub-standard to excellent, no rare metals, and there does not seem to be any radioactives.
===Devronian Apearians===
This is a fruit that is native to this world and is grown on trees. In size it is about as large as a typical softball but with a thin skin and a greenish golden color when fully ripe. It is considered a luxury item within their economy due to the difficulty in transplanting the trees to other worlds. Transporting of the fruit can be risky due to the possibility of spoilage or damage during moving.
===Dunaras Root===
There are 5 or 6 different plants within the Dunaras family that are traditionally used to create various types of hot beverages. These roots are harvested, dried out and then ground into a fine powder that is then added to hot water to the consistency enjoyed by the drinker. Each different type of plant produces a slightly different and unique flavor. Currently 3 types are grown and harvested on Devron.
Several noble and Merchant houses call the planet home along with a large settlement of commoners who dwell around the planet's busy space port. A space tether connects the ground spaceport to a busy orbital starport for shipping vessels unable to land.
===Federation Intelligence Files===

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