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'''Devron''' is a minor but busy tradeworld, an endpoint of on the [[Devron Run]], in the [[Par'tha Expanse]]'s [[Devron system]] in the [[Beruna Province]]. ===Stats=====System==* '''Quadrant''': Beta* '''Location''': Kalandra Sector (coordinates B24-0002-1300) * '''Proper Name''': Devron system (Named after Lord Devron Beruna who established the first colony)* '''Stars''': a (Single) [[Star Classifications|class G (Yellow) star]] star* '''Distance from Star''': its orbit is approximately 104 million km * '''Companions''': it is the 3rd of 6 planets in this system* '''Moons''': it has 3 moons ==Home World==* '''Proper Name''': Devron * '''Diameter''': 18,438 km (11,457 miles)* '''Gravity''': 0.92 standard gravity with a density of 3.5* '''Axial Tilt''': 0.62% no appreciable tilt and no seasonal effects * '''Orbital Period''': 1,678.2 days* '''Rotational Period''': 14.7 hours* '''Classification''': [[Planetary Classification|M]]* '''Surface Water''': 48% * '''Atmosphere''': Standard (0.85) bars nitrogen-oxygen (0.79; 0.20 with 0.01 trace gases).* '''Climate''': Tropical zones cover all areas with the exception of high altitude regions and theextreme latitudes (polar regions are average). Ocean currents are warm, contributing to the heavy amount of precipitation across the entire surface. Seasonal changes are minor.* '''Terrain''': Numerous rain forests, jungles and small swamps with rolling hills, occasional small mountains and rough, rocky hills. * '''Population''': About 35 million  *no noticeable season variation due to there being no axial tilt *daytime temperatures are on average between 43C and 59C, while the night time temperatures can drop to an alarming -12C to 17C *no surface water (all water is obtained through wells or drilling) *a thin atmosphere with a pressure of about 0.76 earth normal, (will need aid of respirator at any elevation above 500 feet) with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and argon 3%*with a year of 332 days, each day 37.6 hours long*primary terrain features are sand and rock ===Resources===Devron has an over abundance of industrial metals, (Both light and heavy) which was the original reason for the [[Caraadian]]s to establish a colony on this planet. As for other types of resources there are some crystals (Dilithium included but not a major resource) and gems with the quality ranging from sub-standard to excellent, no rare metals, and there does not seem to be any radioactives.    ===History===     
Several noble and Merchant houses call the planet home along with a large settlement of commoners who dwell around the planet's busy space port. A space tether connects the ground spaceport to a busy orbital starport for shipping vessels unable to land.

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