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|BLURB=PlaceholderSevek is the child of one of Lyras’ biologist co-workers. The two would often spend time together, and he helped Anath with her studies in botany. Sevek currently travels from world to world aboard a Vulcan science ship as one of their science officers.
|BLURB=PlaceholderAnath’s first encounter with Ferentis was not what many would consider a strong foundation for a friendship. When the engineer’s attempt to help in sickbay led to a crate of equipment being misplaced, Anath used the reptilian engineer as a metaphorical punching bag to let out her pent-up frustrations. Ferentis seemed to be very understanding of her need to let off some steam and has become one of the officers that Anath is the closest to on the ‘’Blackwell’’.
|BLURB=PlaceholderDoctor Jora was the other member of the sickbay senior staff to serve with Anath during the trial by triage that was her first shift in sickbay. The two soon began meeting outside of sickbay and have enjoyed a variety of activities together, from playing chess while sharing memories of home to watching a baseball game on the holodeck.
* Vulcan: Learned during her childhood. The language that Anath uses by default.* Klingon:Learned during her childhood. She has some trouble with the ‘Q’ and ‘H’ sounds.
* Federation Standard: Learned at Starfleet Academy and from Alexa Kennedy.* Trill: Learned at Starfleet Academy.