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* '''Birthmarks/Scars''': None
* '''Handedness''': Right-Handed
* '''Carriage and Posture''': Always walks and sits straight and upright whenever possible
* '''Taste in Clothing (off duty)''': Varied, with a mix of generalized replicated clothing and clothing of sentimental value, of both Klingon and Vulcan origins.
* '''Fears''': Abandonment, enclosed spaces, illnesses in loved ones* '''Hobbies''': Chess, sewing, reading literature from different species, anything related to baseball* '''Personality Type''': ENFJ (''Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging'')* '''Quarters''': Anath prefers to keep her living quarters neat and tidy, keeping her wardrobe and personal belongings well-sorted.
* '''Mannerisms''': Very early in life Anath tried to keep her emotional expressions hidden entirely with regular meditations and study. Currently she uses daily meditations to limit the volatility of her emotions but doesn't work to proactively repress any expression or feeling. While she may still claim to be more vulcan than klingon she has abandoned the outward coldness and stoicism that many people expect of vulcans.
* '''Routines''': Every evening before bed, Anath enjoys a cup of Chamomile tea and reads a section from whatever book she is in the middle of reading (time permitting). Each month she likes to focus on literature from a different culture during her evening reading time.
* '''Speech Patterns''': While Anath is able to disguise her emotions and keep them from bleeding through her voice, she rarely goes through the effort of trying to hide her feelings.
* '''Quarters''': Anath prefers to keep her living quarters neat and tidy, keeping her wardrobe and personal belongings well-sorted.
* '''Carriage and Posture''': Always walks with purpose and sits with her back perfectly straight for the most part, but will relax her posture in a casual atmosphere or when she is in an environment she finds to be relaxing.
===Likes and Dislikes===
* '''Favorite Food''': Vulcan Pok tar
* '''Favorite Animal''': Sehlat (''Consistent childhood pets'')
* '''Fears''': Abandonment, enclosed spaces, illnesses affecting family and friends
* '''Pet Peeves''': Inefficiencies, uncooperative technology
* '''E'riQ''' (Friend): During her first shore leave with the Andaris Task Force, Anath met Lieutenant [[E'riQ]] when the latter acquired as to her knowledge of Klingon culture. One eventful lunch at the Mystic Gardens later, the beginnings of a friendship had been built.
* '''Jora Kalis''' (Friend and Colleague): Anath first met her colleague in sickbay, [[Jora Kalis|Dr. Jora]] during the Blackwell's maiden voyage and quickly learned to respect her fellow doctor's skills during a busy day of emergency triage. This professional relationship has also begun to develop into an off-hours friendship, the two on occasion meeting together for a drink or a game of chess while off-the-clock.
* '''Starfleet Medical Journals''': [[On the Use of Altered Viral Shells to Combat Lysogenic Infections]] (''2394, Volume 321, No. 1'')
* '''G'Renn, A. [[On the Use of Altered Viral Shells to Combat Lysogenic Infections]]''': Published in the Starfleet Medical Journals (''2394, Volume 321, No. 1'')
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{{StartColumns|15%}}|'''Starfleet Academy Transcripts:'''{{Column}}|'''Medical Records:''' {{EndColumns}}{{StartColumns|15%}}|[[File:StarfleetMedicalAcademy.png|200px|link=G'Renn, Anath/Academy Transcript]]{{Column|18%}} |[[File:Starfleet Medical.png|200px|link=Anath G'Renn/Medical Record]]{{EndColumns}}=Service History and Service Ribbons===
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{{Citation|Medical Science Ribbon|239407.12|USS Blackwell|Awarded for research into curing the plague on the mining planet Debin VII.}}
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===Other Starfleet Records===
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