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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/All Time High

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Act II: Corruption Lies Deep
! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1992110 msg/sb118-ops/diwwMbL5qKY/oyNXPtwxHQAJ Unexpected Guest]
| The Klingons come in peace to Tilanna V
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1992193 msg/sb118-ops/8GLP9vhlB4g/NOZwy92sHQAJ The Thin Line Between Right and Not So Right]
| The cruel reality of ATH on Tilanna V
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1992357 msg/sb118-ops/DLdM0Lt2GqY/bpFihgOxHgAJ Persistence is Not Futile]
| Arden Cain creates a successful nannite counter-agent to ATH
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1992337 msg/sb118-ops/pwvRtG8YzYM/GZTV0bWRHgAJ Appearances and Other Deceptions]
| Commander Whittaker and allies inspect The Factory
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1992365 msg/sb118-ops/uQJ9CJ5e4hw/Mf6dPPLLHgAJ Coordinating Needs]
| Commander Taybrim and Ambassador Dempok come to a mutually beneficial agreement

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