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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/All Time High

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Act I: A Suspicious Murder
! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990983 msg/sb118-ops/GZ2KGSTioYo/YHLRSFkuFwAJ All Time High Part I]
| Boris Malinov is found dead on Tilanna V
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1990986 msg/sb118-ops/sPZ7R81rGFM/4BeBal8yFwAJ All Time High Part II]
| An introduction to the corruption of Tilanna V
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1991404 msg/sb118-ops/-g5JvAXZoJQ/c6FkER1qGQAJ Maximum Thrusters]
| Sweet Maxine joins the line up of support vessels
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1991634 msg/sb118-ops/2-8vssymh08/uCNQe6uWGgAJ Riot Control]
| The riots break out in Anjunaar City
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1991773 msg/sb118-ops/U82lvw88T20/CoG_CvddGwAJ The Battle for Anjunaar Part 2]
| Starfleet Marines deploy into the capital city.
== Act II: Corruption Lies Deep ==

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