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Mwangi, Danson

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Starfleet Captain. Born in Nigeria, as a commander he was originally placed in command of the [[Triumphant (Mwangi-era)|USS Triumphant]] during her first battle in the [[T'lithian wars]]. For his role in this battle, he was promoted to Captain. The Triumphant was then placed in Fleet Captain [[Hollis Calley|Hollis' ]] taskforce eventually following the [[USS Kodiak|Kodiak]] to the [[Ithassa Region]].
On Stardate 2383238303.031515, Mwangi was transferred to the [[USS Tucson]], a Galaxy-class vessel. He was killed in the battle for [[DS17 ]] during the Gorn Wars of 2383 during the destruction of the saucer section of the Tucson.
He is survived by a wife, Julia, and a son, [[Mwangi, Abiodun|Abiodun]] .
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