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'''Ensign Taurek ''' is currently practices within the Counseling Department of serving as a '''Counsellor''' aboard the {{USS |Constitution-B}}.
* '''Mother''': T'Presh (Mathematics lecturer, b. 2285)
* '''Father''': Varek (Music teacher, b. 2285)
* '''Siblings''': Kesk (Music teacher, b.2320), Variel (ArchaeologistForensic anthropologist, b. 2330), T'Mika (Musician, b. 2341)
* '''Spouse''': None
* '''Children''': [name not on file] (guardianship transferred to T'Praal and Sevak of Vulcan in 2351)
Though he maintains a Vulcan outlook, Taurek endeavors to gain as much emotional insight into other species as possible, and is unusually understanding for a Vulcan.
Taurek's betrothal was formally dissolved by agreement of both parties in 2349 and he underwent physical reconfiguration surgery at nineteen years old.
He went on to study studied psychotherapy and counselling off-world on Vulcan before entering the Academy with the aim of becoming a Starfleet counsellor. {{Heading|Chronological History|Teal}}* '''233408.28''': Born at Da-Leb regional medical facility 03 to T'Presh and Varek of Vulcan.* '''235109.15''': Entered Starfleet academy.* '''235508.01''': Graduated Starfleet academy; assigned to ''USS al-Maysān''.* '''236101.30''': Reassigned to ''USS Avalgariad''.* '''238005.05''': Reassigned to ''USS Leda''.* '''239202.01''': Reassigned to ''USS Constitution''.* '''239310.16''': Temporarily suspended from duty. {{Heading|Family|Teal}}[[File:Tmika2.png|thumb|T'Mika conducting the Four Founders Symphony Orchestra, 2390]] Taurek grew up in a highly musical family. His father teaches a range of instruments in their home province, while his younger sister T'Mika is an accomplished musician and conductor. From a FNS interview with T'Mika, 2389:
Though he maintains ''"While my private life is not open to discussion, I will allow that a Vulcan outlookmusician's background will inevitably influence their art, even amongst my own people. Music by its definition expresses that which is not spoken, Taurek endeavours and silence can be as significant as sound. It has been said before that one does not need to gain as much experience emotion in order to convey it.'' [Puccini's ''Madama Butterfly''] ''is a highly emotional insight into other species as possiblework, and my interpretation is unusually informed both by my own history and that of the performers. I possess an understanding for a Vulcanof the themes involved; my culture does not prevent me from doing them justice."''

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