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# '''232001236604.01''': EventT'Karra was born in ShiKahr on Vulcan. She had no complications at birth, but her unique hybrid status kept her under observation in the hospital for nearly six months. # '''2372''': T'Karra's attempts at making friends on Vulcan always ended in bullying. Her attempts to control her emotions resulted in frequent violent outbursts. T'Preth decided it would be best for her daughter to be raised in a more neutral environment so they moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. Her mother took a job as a schoolteacher. T'Preth believed it was important for T'Karra to experience and understand both sides of her heritage so she continued to teach T'Karra the Vulcan and Klingon languages and traditions at home. However, T'Karra took more readily to the Vulcan teachings. She never learned more than elementary Klingon, but became easily fluent in Vulcan. # '''2374''': Despite some initial mistrust, T'Karra fit in quite well at her new school.She started playing Rugby to channel her emotions into a safer, more productive output. While there she met Alan Reid, a human who would become her best friend. # '''2320012384''': T'Karra graduates second in her class and is accepted into Starfleet Academy, Science division. Alan is accepted into the Academy's Linguistics division. They continue playing rugby there on a casual team. T'Karra's roommate is a Bajoran named Erzir Ama, currently studying pre-med in hopes of becoming a doctor. They become good friends. # '''238710.05''': T'Preth gets sick and returns to Vulcan for medical treatment. T'Karra takes a leave of absence from the Academy to return with her. # '''238711.17''': T'Preth passes away and her death is ruled a medical mystery, though one theory states that birthing a partly Klingon child took its toll on her. Alan takes a brief leave of absence from the Academy to attend the funeral with T'Karra.  # '''238801.02''': EventT'Karra returns to the Academy and, etcencouraged by Ama, switches to the Medical track. The extra time at the Academy allows her to readjust after her mother's death. She spends the holidays with Ama and her family in San Francisco and they all become quite close. T'Karra takes the Hippocratic Oath in stride and starts beating up punching bags in place of rugby players. # '''238805.22''': Alan graduates top of his class and is assigned to a space station in deep space. # '''239409.05''': T'Karra graduates from the Academy in the middle of her class and Ama graduates near the top. It is believed T'Karra would have done better were it not for her turbulent time at the Academy. They both report to Starbase 118 where they are assigned to different installations.

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