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{{Heading|Personal Information|Teal}}
* '''Quarters''': Small and very tidy. There is a Vulcan meditation lamp on her bedside table. On the shelf below it is a children's toy first aid kit that Ama gave her at their graduation. It contains nothing remotely resembling working medical equipment.Above the lamp are three pictures. One is of her and her mother on holiday to Vulcan right before T'Karra entered the Academy. The second is of T'Karra and her best friends Alan and Ama in their dress uniforms huddled around a cake celebrating Alan's graduation. Finally, there is a family portrait taken just before hers and Ama's graduation; technically it's Ama's family portrait, not hers, but the Erzir family basically adopted T'Karra after her first year at the Academy and thus insisted she be in their family portraits as well. Her bed is always impeccably made with a heavy quilt on top that's covered in somewhat scientifically inaccurate Vulcan, Klingon, and Earthen constellations. It was a graduation gift from Alan's mother. * '''Habits/Mannerisms''': Fusses with her uniform when she gets impatient. * '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': Believes in and prays to a God but does not follow a specific organized religion.
* '''Physical Limitations''':
* '''Mental problems (complexes and phobias)''':
====Hobbies and Pastimes====
* MMA* Reading* Meditation
====Likes and Dislikes====
* '''Likes''':
** Hot tea** Rain** ** Old zombie films
* '''Dislikes''':
** The beach** Laziness** Waiting

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