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Solaris McLaren

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During the Constitution's shoreleave between missions Sol and her department accepted delivery of a Flyer-class shuttle, having previously been requisitioned by herself and Captain Rajel in order to better augment the Constitution's intelligence gathering capabilities. The shuttle, dubbed the ''Spectre'' was intended to become the fleets first intelligence prowler, undergoing the beginnings of a drastic modification to render it more capable of gather information while remaining undetected, at the cost of its weapons. It was also during this time that Sol expressed her desire to move further into a command role while also maintaining her intelligence duties.
The Constitution's next mission found the crew departing for Leron III, the homeworld of the Hinji in order to provide humanitarian support for the races over crowded homeworld. In from by the ship's XO, [[Maxwell Traenor]] of a sensor blind spot, approximately 10km in diameter, on the planet's surface Solaris was assigned to lead an away team to determine the cause of this blind spot. She, along with Jerry Milsap, T'Reshik, Choi Ji-hu and Lara Grayson departed the Constitution in the shuttle ''Esienhorn'' to scout out the blind spot. Upon crossing into the area of the blind spot their shuttle lost power and crashed on the surface or Leron III with no power and no way of communicating with their ship. It was then that it was discovered that Georgio, a sentient hologram fromt he Constitution had stowed away on the shuttle as well. The team sustained minor injuries, with Sol sustaining a broken arm. As they departed the shuttle to make their way to the near by Tirthal Displacement Camp, the group was approached by a cat-like creature, which brought a stick with it. It left the stick and darted off into the forest in the direction the away team was planning to go. Upon entering the forest the away team was met by a preacher who mistook Solaris for a reincarnation of their goddess, the Sunmother. He lead the away team to a monastery located within the interference field. Upon arrival at the monastery the away team were treated to a feast where the return of the Sunmother was revealed. The following morning after a lukewarm reception at the feast, an angry mob set fire to portions of the monastery trying to find the away team. Holed up in the monastery's main sanctum the away team discovered a secret entrance located under a statue of the Sunmother. Seeing no other way out of their situation the team headed down into the passage, discovering an alien facility. Making their way to the facilities control room, the team discovered that the original Sunmother was from an alien race and that she had given the Hinji sentience and discovered that the interference field was intended to have kept the Hinji safe from the dangers of technology and was intended to cover the whole planet. It was here that Sol discovered a lost part of her ancestry, discovering that she was related to the Sunmother. The team shut down the interference field and began to make their way out of the facility. Near the exit of the facility they encountered a rescu party sent to find them by the Constitution and due to the dissipating of the interference field, the Constitution was able to beam them all back to the ship.

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