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Mattheus Fullus

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Mattheus Fullus was born on a sheep farm in outback Australia, when he was born it was discovered that he had a gene that caused his hair to go a greyish/white color which he wasn't ashamed of but being on a farm in the outback not many people noticed it. As he got older he decided to grow a beard and that became the same color as his hair. From a young age all he wanted to do was just be a worker, not aspiring to be a owner of a business, or a leader in the community, just basic work. He knew of people who had gone to Starfleet but had no intention of following as he enjoyed working on the farm.
His parents became concerned about his lack of aspirations to become anyone or anything more than what he was and finally one evening after Mattheus had come back from a day out tending to the sheep his father had had enough.

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