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Mattheus Fullus

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|SPECIES = [[Human]]
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHPLACE = Australia, Earth
{{Heading|Personal Facts|Red}}
* '''Height''': 6'4"
* '''Hair''': Dark BrownGreyish/White
* '''Eyes''': Brown
This he did and after being accepted he entered and eventually reached where he is now, final training. He hoped more than anything to become a marine or a security person, nothing too fancy, just like back home on the far, nothing fancy just work hard.
during training that he realised that he was being drawn more towards the bridge of the ship rather than the barracks and specifically the helm. It seemed to be a calling for him in some ways, he remembered driving the tractor on the farm, riding his bike too. Could this be a way to get back to that enjoyment he felt then? Helm it was then.