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Mattheus Fullus

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|NAME = Mattheus Fullus
|SHIP = USS Veritas
|RANK = Ensign
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|POST = Helm Officer
|COLOR = Red
|SPECIES = [[Human]]
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHPLACE = Australia, Earth

Ensign '''Mattheus Fullus''' is a helm officer currently aboard the {{USS|Veritas}}.

{{Heading|Personal Facts|Red}}
* '''Height''': 6'4"
* '''Hair''': Dark Brown
* '''Eyes''': Brown

**'''Father:''' Leo Fullus
**'''Mother:''' Shireen Fullus
*'''Siblings:''' Emma Fullus
*'''Spouse:''' None
*'''Children:''' None

Mattheus Fullus was born on a sheep farm in outback Australia, from a young age all he wanted to do was just be a worker, not aspiring to be a owner of a business, or a leader in the community, just basic work. He knew of people who had gone to Starfleet but had no intention of following as he enjoyed working on the farm.

His parents became concerned about his lack of aspirations to become anyone or anything more than what he was and finally one evening after Mattheus had come back from a day out tending to the sheep his father had had enough.

"You are never going to amount to anything if you just stay on the farm, you need to get away and do something else! Travel the world or the galaxy, find another job somewhere, just leave the farm for a while and see what happens".

Mattheus was stung by his father's words, he didn't know what to think at first. His younger sister had gotten married and left the farm a few years ago and had become the favorite child. He looked at his father for a few moments wondering what to say, then he knew...

"Fine then, if you want me gone I'll go. I'll prove that I can make something of myself outside of the farm. I'm going to apply to join Starfleet!"

This he did and after being accepted he entered and eventually reached where he is now, final training. He hoped more than anything to become a marine or a security person, nothing too fancy, just like back home on the far, nothing fancy just work hard.


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