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David Cody

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{{David Scott CodyCodynav}}'''Lt. David S. Cody''' is the current Chief of Security of the [[USS Independence]].
==Stats==* '''Full Name''': Commander David Scott Cody* '''Current Rank''': Lieutenant* '''Race''': Terran* '''Date of Birth''': 235203resigned his commission and retired to earth.24* '''Place of Birth''': Mars Colonies* '''Gender''': M* '''Telepathic status''': NYA
=={{Heading|Appearance==|Red}}* '''Height''': 5'710"
* '''Weight''': 165lbs
* '''Hair Color''': Brown
* '''Length of Hair''': Short
* '''Eye Color''': Blue
* '''Skin Tone''': White, freckled
* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None
* '''Tattoos/Body Modifications''': None
* '''Build''': Muscular, sportman
* '''Face''': Long
* '''Eyes''': Large and narrow
* '''Mouth''': quirky
* '''Arms''': long
* '''Legs''': long
* '''Carriage''': strides, militaristic
* '''Poses''': none known to date
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Simple, elegant, slacks and unbuttoned collar shirt
* '''Shoes''': doesn't have a preference
* '''Voice''': Rough, deep
* '''Prized Possessions''': none
* '''Handedness''': Right
* '''Spouse''': None
* '''Children''': None
* '''Parents'''
** '''Father''': Barnes Cody (Deceased), b. Isle of Skye
** '''Mother''': Barbara Jennet (Deceased)
* '''Siblings''': None
==Personal History=={{Heading|Personality & Traits|Red}}[[File:Reflective.jpg|210px|thumb|left]]*'''Temperment''':** Observant, on the blunt side in conversation although over the years he's tempered his 'direct-to-the-point' approach for a humourous outlook on most things while maintaining professionalism. He likes to tinker around with small technology projects and spend time with friends and family. He keeps an open mind but does get stubborn on occasion. He has always been somewhat of a take point, prefering to dive into the middle of the action and not one to laze around. Loves his family and treasures the time he has with them, adopted or otherwise. He's hit a point where he tempers his directness with a softer, laid back touch of support, knowing he's not going to be able to entirely overcome his direct methods. He is supportive of his colleagues, maintains and encourages other perspectives, and enjoys an open dialogue.
Born *'''Habits''':**He likes to set aside a little time in 2352, the only child of civilian engineer Barnes Cody day to work on a small tech project.**Takes time to meditate and his wife, Barbara Jennet-Cody, an interstellar trade securities free agent, David Cody led a pretty bit of quiet life on Mars Colony. He attended primary and secondary educationtime**Has a right side, often crooked smile**Can't resist taking apart some interesting piece of tech**Exercises three to four times helping his father rebuild machinesa week**Keeps a clean, organized work space and on one occasiondoesn't like clutter (unless he's tinkering, modifying, had the opportunity to help his father restore an old Forerunner Shuttlecraftor creating some kind of tech).
By the time Cody hit eighteen *'''Hobbies and Passtimes''':**David loves to tinker around with bits and finished secondary educationpieces of tech, given that his favorite place is a mechanic's garage where he decided to try spent a chunk of his hand as youth. With that, he enjoys a crew hand on lot of the forging process, from programming, engineering, carpentry, metalsmithing. He enjoys playing guitar every once in a Freight Trader great while, but isn't in practice. He loves mountain climbing and signed cave diving, two passions out of youth having grown up on under Trader Captain Gersh Nathan in 237005Mars.14Along with that is a love for swimming, ocean and sky sailing. He worked from deck hand up to trade negotiator during likes books on history, archaeology, and a good mystery novel. In the next eight later yearshe's gotten into fencing and swordwork and has developed an interest in art, until going into a negotiation with a Ferengi trader named Tvatecmore recently discovered passion for paintings.
Cody made *'''Likes and Dislikes''':**He has a critical mistake, and ended up in bond to Tvatec on 237804.30. Tvatec ordered Cody’s immediate transfer from Captlove/hate relationship with holodecks. Nathan’s trade crew David and placed the 26 years old Cody under holodecks get along just fine when everything is working correctly, but doesn't like them when they start acting out (although given his commandhistory with holomatrix technology, it's an irritant more than a dislike). Cody spent two years running the trade routes with Tvatec He is also not fond of medical beds, and picked up the Ferengi language finds excuses to avoid getting physicals (as well as due to the Ferengi trade system, fact he spent almost three years in a far different cry from Terran trade activitiescoma). He loves a good game of chess, and when he has been the time, likes to make Scotch Whiskey. He's developed an interest in weapons transferspainting, as well as medical supply runswhich he enjoys doing and find it to be theraputic. He was cleared for shuttle Given a choice, David would rather be outdoors and exploring new places, antiquing, and enjoying life and small craft piloting under the Ferengi governmentuniverse at large. He loves to explore.
It wasn’t until 238010*'''Ambitions and Goals''':**After so many years, David has reached a number of goals and things he set out to do.04 that Cody was able Right now his goals are more family-focused, being a father to buy off his bond adopted daughter, [Cody, B'Sara|B'Sara]], enjoy life, and convince another Ferengi tradersettle down. After the situation regarding the [[Waystations|Odyssey Station]], he's less apt to be a procedural officer and more of a known Starfleet supplier, 'let's just see and figure it out' approach. He'd like to take him back to the Sol systemsee if his new-founding painting hobby yields more serious works. He was done with trade securities'd like to settle down, relax, and wanted to get back to Mars Colony to visit enjoy the family. It wasn’t until rest of his return to Mars that he learned his parents had been discovered dead in their house in 237507life while exploring the universe.04Perhaps a write a holo-novel. Cody himself had been listed as missingEnjoy his friends and family.
After a huge amount of payoffs to both the Ferengi who took him back, as well as Tvatec (who ironically enough tried to hire Cody back), Cody was able to prove his whereabouts and set about the task of figuring out what happened to his parents. A task that to the day remains a mystery. It was through the three years of self-teaching himself criminal investigations, forensics and behavioral science that led Cody to join Starfleet (something both his parents had been vocal about independent careers).
He also retains ownership of Jennet Trade Security Corp, though Deborah Turow runs it.{{Heading|Family History|Red}}
===Spouse===* Marital Status: Single* Wife: none* '''Daughter''': [[Cody has always been something of a private person, both in his personal thoughts as well as emotions. He lived the life of a free trader for the bulk of his twenties and proved to be adept in behavioral and social psychology. Coupled with B'Sara|B'Sara Cody]]**** B'Sara is not David's biological daughter, but his self-education, and encouraged by a Vulcan scholar studying on Mars Colony, he rededicated himself to forensics and criminologyadopted daughter.
Turow refers to ===Parents===* Father: [[Cody as a “throwback”, but acknowledges heBarnes|Barnes Cody]] 's a damn good intel and securities investigator. He keeps himself in shape as both an avid jogger and swimmer'(Deceased)''* Mother: [[Jennet, also prone to cave-diving and mountain climbing. He focuses on the evidence first to provide leads, and investigates.Barbara|Barbara Jennet]]* Uncle: Nathaniel Prewitt* Aunt: Rachel (Cody) Prewitt* Uncle: Amwin Jennett ''(missing)''
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------===Siblings===* Adopted Sister: [[Turow, Deborah|Deboarh Turow]]** Deborah moved in with the Cody family when she was sixteen.
*Recreational Activities: In his spare time, Cody can often be found developing compounds as well as rebuild broken technology (including modifications). On rare occasion, he will pull out his old guitar and strum. Most of the time he’s out collecting samples for his TED system. He also maintains both a jogging and swimming regine.
*Habits<center><gallery widths="200px" heights="180px">File: BarnesCody01.jpg|<center>Barnes Cody fell into the habit of carrying a portable science kit(deceased?)File:BarbaraJennett01.jpg|<center>Barbara Jennett (missing)File:DeborahTurow. He also has a tendancy to drawljpg|<center>Deborah Turow, though he’s been working on getting rid of itSister (adopted)File:B'Sara04.jpg|<center>B'Sara Cody, daughter (adopted)</gallery></center>
*Likes: Forensics, Chemistry, practical applications, Criminology, investigation, carpentry and metalsmithing, behavioral science
*Dislikes: Simulations (with reason, due to a mishap with a training exercise). Museums.{{Heading|Personal History|Red}}
*Preferences: Tends to internalize Born in 2352, David is the only child of civilian engineer [[Cody, Barnes|Barnes Cody]] and his personal thoughts wife, [[Jennet, Barbara|Barbara Jennet]], the founder and reflectowner of [[Jennet Trade Securities Corporation]] (JTSC). But His childhood was filled with the sweeping sand dunes and the colony cities of [[ma:Mars|Mars]], where he does movehad attended primary and secondary education, and when could usually be found helping his father rebuilt machines or out cave diving, one of his loved pastimes from youth. He had the opportunity to help his father restore an old Forerunner shuttlecraft (which would later be identified as the JTSC-3 Prototype), and given the location of the house, which was outside of the city, he does, it’s fastwas very much an outback child getting a mix of both the old and the new.
*HandednessDave’s youth was spent in school, at home, and working with his mother and father at the JTSC facility. He had the opportunity to go with them, more often with Barbara, on several trade relations missions and get to know several cultures in the process. Once into his teenaged years, Barbara began preparing her son for a career in the civilian sector as a trade securities investigator/relations, so his time was split between school and the many short missions he accompanied his mother with, which included [[Betazed]]. David is no stranger to [[Betazoid| Betazoids]], having visited the planet several times with Barbara during the course of his youth. The Turow’endial Family, while not a part of the major houses, quickly had established trade relations between Betazed and [[ma: Right Mars|Mars]] acting as representatives. During a trip during Dave’s thirteenth year in 2365, the family promoted an exchange where one of their daughters, [[Turow, Deborah|Deborra]] was interested in learning the business. Deborra accompanied both Dave and Barbara back to Mars where she quickly became adopted into the family.
*Prized Possessions: noneThe rest of Dave’s teenaged youth was inheriting an older sister in many ways. While Dave and Deborra didn’t see as much of each other, the relative ages (13 and 16) made for sibling bond. He introduced her to sports related activites and she introduced laughter. They refer to themselves as brother and sister, even though technically they’re not related to each other. All of which would be put to the test a couple years later when Deborra turned 18 in June 2367. Fifteen at the time, and only from the forging of their sibling relationship, Dave knew enough to know they needed to remove Deborra away during her coming-of-age. He suggested the caverns of Mars, where both he and Deborra disappeared for several days. Neither Dave or Deborra have talked about it at length, as the incident in question they didn't know was a paradox that David would not know until his fortieth year. Several marked changes to Dave’s personally emerged when they returned. Gone was the laughing, good-natured boy of youth. In place, a more serious, focused teenager in reserve, and unknowningly, had a limited telepathic ability blocked.
[[File:InYouth.jpg|175px|thumb|left|In Youth]]
By the age of eighteen in the beginning of summer 2370, David signed on as a crew hand to Captain Mov’na, who had recently launched a freighter trader ship dubbed the [[Skiptrace]]. Over the course of the next four years, between 2370 and 2374, Dave’s life centered around civilian trade that took him to several systems throughout the Alpha Quadrant, gaining first hand experience on the frontlines. A full and complete history is hard to come by, given like serving aboard a Federation starship, the Skiptrace’s first four years are myriad trader missions. A major change came around March/April 2374, when the crew of the Skiptrace met [[Blade, Michael Sargon|Gersh Nathan]], who arranged to buy the ship off Mov’na. The crew of traders, firmly under Nathan’s command, noticed a subtle shift in the trade runs, which began to include missions of mercy, and occasionally, running medical supplies among other non-profit missions. Dave found the change interesting. The runs became longer, a bit more dangerous at times, and occasionally skirting around blockades to deliver some badly needed food and medical supply.
==Medical Information==He served four more years on the Skiptrace before a particular trade goods mission to Ferengar put Dave in the crosshairs of a [[ma:Ferengi|Ferengi]] trader named Tvatec. At the time, the initial meeting dealt with talks establishing a courier route between Tvatec’s ship and the possibility of including Mars (Tvatec, being well aware Dave was the son of the JTSC founder). Dave inadvertantly broke one of the rules of engagement and Tvatec utilized the Ferengi Government to issue an arrest warrant for breaking Trade Law. Dave had no choice but to agree to a bondsmanship to work off the debt.*'''History'''[[File:EveningBeforetheCollar.jpg|400px|thumb|right|Evening Before the Collar]]
Cody suffers from chronic insomniaThe Skiptrace left and Dave reluctantly agreed to wearing a neck collar device, of which requires him would prove to keep a timepiece on cause him more physical damage than he knew at all times to monitor his waking cyclethe time. He regularly has to show up Tvatec had something very much in Sickbay mind, seeing an opportunity to have them knock him out for create what eventually the Ferengi would call a duration“specialist retriever”. RecentlyDave was, he's begun working with Drin all aspects, an investigator, and a property retriever. Sidney Riley In the first few months, Cody was given assignments around Ferengar, going after other Ferengi who had, at various points, managed to either swindle or cash in on finding an alternate solutionsome of Tvatec’s holdings. Through Cody, Tvatec was able to incorporate trade securities and apply the Terran law of lading and bill of ownership.
*'''Psychological Profile'''Cody is a product of his youth. He takes things apart and looks at what he’s given to work with It did not take long for David to develop graduate into a pattern full investigator, and method of operationsimultaneously, mastering the Ferengi language. He’s In his first year working as a workaholic who prefers a good rebuilding project or investigationbondsman for the Ferengi, with a healthy dose of both practicality and imagination that he applies both in work as well as life. His relationships with the opposite sex are few graduated from tracking down people and far between (though he’ll jokingly refer property to being assigned a one man ship to potential wives as ‘volunteers’)pursue suspects beyond the system. For now, Cody is married It took him less than a month to realize what the work collar was: a device to keep him awake and driven by running. Sleep became a luxury only after the unexplained death of his parentsassignment was over (and barring another, which on occasion did happen).
*'''Telepathic Status'''None himselfThroughout 2378 into 2380, Cody would be a trade securities investigator in the full sense of the word, 90% of the time for Tvatec, the rest actually for the Ferengi government. It was revealed that he does allow Turow (Turow'endialPart trader, part cop, and a Betazed) solid reputation for tracking down everyone and everything. After the summer of 2380, Dave had enough. He had learned the Ferengi well enough to share know they would not consider the debt settled unless he could buy out the contract. Arranging a bonding that was made couple of deals on the side, Cody’s liberation day came in their teen years October, where he cashed in and bought out his bond from the Ferengi Government, hopped on the nearest outbound trader ship, and went back at to Mars Colony.
==Education==[[File:SpecialistRetriever.jpg|200px|thumb|left|The Specialist Retriever]]*Standard Terran early childhood education*Standard Terran primary Once home, Cody had a few shocks. His parents were dead, found in their home. By the design of the will, Deborah was running the JTSC, Dave retained ownership. He suffered through a lengthy inquest, due in part of being suspect, but once the Ferengi government and Gersh Nathan accounted for his whereabouts, Cody found himself at home, battered, bruised, unable to sleep, and taking stock of a shattered family, he set about the task of solving the circumstances around his parents’ death and secondary level educationdealt with Starfleet Medical hoping to reverse the damage the control collar had done to his physiology.
==Non-It was a Starfleet Medical Examiner that suggested Cody might look into joining Starfleet Professional History==*8 years as , despite being older than most cadets. At 28, Dave was a Freighter Hand businessman with a full career, although his experience had soured him from trade securities. After a long, serious discussion with Deborah, he decided to take up the offer and Trade Negotiator*2 years as a Ferengi Trade Representative *3 years self-schooled Behavioral Psychologistreturned to Earth, Forensics attending San Francisco’s Starfleet Academy for an accelerated program in Tactical and Criminal InvestigatorSecurity. Finishing up in February 2383, Cody was dispatched to the [[USS Independence]] under the command of Admiral [[Anassasi, Jessa Kyrn|Anassasi]].
==Timeline==Cody arrived in enough time to see the treaty signed between Starfleet and the [[Free Trade Union|FTU]], brokered by Admiral Anassasi. He served with distinction over the course of the year, coming into his rise during the Gorn Conflict in the battle for [[DS17]] inside the [[Eratis System]]. The loss of the Independence toward the end of the year found Cody serving as the starbase’s Chief of Security and working with fellow crewmembers who would go on to recommission the [[USS Ronin]] under Captain [[Mar, Idril|Idril Mar]] and Commander [[Walker, Benjamin J.|Ben Walker]].
A good portion of the early year would be disasterous for Cody, who had leaped before looking attempting to save an inherited civilian child, [[Cavann, B'Sara|B'Sara Cavann]] from being kidnapped from a passing biomechanoid with the arrival of the newly constructed [[USS Independence-A]]. Ending up trapped inside a growing sphere that would have contained a star system, he was forced to blast his way out during its collapse and ended up in spacewalk for several seconds before the Independence could retrieve him.
# '''238302Through the efforts of the Independence-A crew, along with Dr.22''': Promoted [[Satscher, Vojana|Vojana Satscher]] and LtCmdr [[Turner, Toni|Toni Turner]], on a holographic link loan, they were able to Ensign# '''238304slowly bring Dave back to strength.19''': Promoted Once back on assignment, Dave continued to serve aboard the Independence in both Tactical and Security, heading up the departments through the mission to Lieutenant JG# '''238308locate the missing [[USS Benjamin Franklin]] that took the crew outside of the Milky Way. In the process, by way of the [[Greeters]], he also found [[Cody, Barnes|Barnes’]] missing modified shuttlecraft, the JTSC-3 Prototype, and opened up a chink in the mystery of his parents’ death.04''': Promoted to Lieutenant
[[File:Codyingear.jpg|175px|thumb|right|In Gear]]
Dave took a temporarily leave of absence during the course of the latter year back to StarBase 118, in part due to following up on his securities exams and took some coursework in Intelligence. He returned to the Independence-A in September of 2384, meeting some of the crew of the [[USS Triumphant]] who had recently arrived, as well as meeting Lt. [[Reynolds, Quinn|Quinn Reynolds]]. At the time, Cody was serving as a Marine/Security Lliason aboard the ship, but soon returned to be the ship’s Chief of Security as his relationship with the Independence’s new Chief Engineering officer blossomed.
The year cultimated with a brush-in with a long-thought gone race, the '''T’lithians''' while the Independence was running to the [[Ithassa Region]] from [[Starbase 118]]. The Independence-A docked with the [[Midway Repair Facility]] to undergo repairs. Following up on a medical relief aid mission, the crew of the Independence took command of the [[USS Phoenix-C]] to follow up on problems within the [[TE-IV|Triades-Episolon]] system.
The bombing events that took place on [[TE-IV]] during LtCmdr [[Riley, Sidney|Sidney Riley’s]] away mission led to several discoveries. One, the [[ma:Breen|Breen]] were discovered inside the Ithassa, second, the [[Bung Kho Cartel]] may or may not have been involved, and lastly, they were finally able to get the Independence-A back.
Serving as both the Independence’s Chief of Security and Second Officer, Cody enjoyed catching up with the Ithassa Fleet at [[Wheeler Colony]], which also had prompted an event that shot the Fleet back outside the Galactic Barrier and forced the crew members visiting down planet to re-commandeer the [[USS Phoenix-C]] to track them down.
Once the Fleet was back, the Independence sailed on, heading for the [[Igloo Cluster]] to do a survey where they suspect the Breen ship from the TE system may have gone. Along the way, newly promoted Commander [[Riley, Sidney|Riley]] recommissioned the [[USS Tiger]] along with the arrival of some of the [[USS Ursa Major|Ursa Major]] crew. Assigned as the Independence's First Officer during this time, the Independence remained inside Igloo as they became caught in the cross-fire between a Baby Blue Alien that managed to lodge itself into the ship's warp core when they came across an unknown race. Further complications arose when the [[Skiptrace]] entered the fray, followed by a [[ma:Breen|Breen]] warship which separated the crew over three ships as they worked to resolve the crisis with the galactic blue alien.
The Independence took a nasty hit by a Breen weapon, which split the ship into three different realities. Working tirelessly, the Independence crew came together to resolve the blue alien crisis as the Breen ship cloaked, sailing off after stealing numerous parts off the Independence as a few Breen were discovered on ship. Finishing them, Dave discovered the Breen had managed to swipe the JTSC-03 prototype containing the space-fold drive. Following the events, Starfleet ordered the return of some of the crew.
As repairs to the ship were underway, Dave as well as several members of the crew found an interesting holographic waveform in a nearby starsystem. Dispatching, they discovered a quantum singularity causing ghosts of the past to warn them away from the system. At the same time, RAdm. Anassasi was recalled to Starfleet Command when the order came down for them to return to [[DS17]].
Taking command of the Independence, Dave sent the crew to close the singularity on their way out, cruising back for the Eratis System and DS17. Along the way, they were briefly sidetracked with orders to pick up and escort an Admiral with them back to the starbase, unknowingly also housing a serial killer among their midst. It was the crew's finest moment.
After that, David was reassigned for a short duration to command the [[USS Daedalus]] on what was believed to be a joint StarBase118 and Ithassa Region Intelligence Operation in the hunt for the missing JTSC-03 housing a working coaxial drive for space fold flight. While the hunt yeilded only stranger clues, David was recalled back to the Independence where eventually StarFleet reactived his status as First Officer. It was a bad year to return to command. A coordinated strike lead by a warrior race called [[Ixvapyan|Ixvapyans]] nearly deciminated DS17 and attemped to take out the combined Ithassa Region Taskforce. The Fleet survived, but the inheritor of the Phoenix Legacy, the [[USS Phoenix-C]] was stolen. Originally ordered to take the Indepedence after the Phoenix, David returned to grab Captain Idril Mar before the Independence crew steered nearly all of the explored Region through the Igloo Cluster to Bull's Run and beyond back to Odyssey Station before the caught up to the stolen Phoenix and the Ixvapyans.
David has lived through war, but nothing like the carnage left in the wake of the Ixvapyans. Facing their Warlord, David was forced to return to his tactical/security training that ended with Hadrian's death in blade comabat. The event shattered his notions of changing face of gray, but in many more ways than he's currently aware of as what might be described as the soul of Warlord begins integrating itself into David's own soul.
Before the turn of the year, David was assigned the USS Independence-A after his commanding officer, Flt.Capt. Idril Mar was recalled to Starfleet Command. Although somewhat grass-green and new to the center chair, reports say the man was adjusting well right up to his inexplicable disappearance on Stardate 238703.25. It was undetermined whether he had been kidnapped or had simply vanished, as final reports revealed the Captain's Ready Room had some kind of space-time distortion. Without any leads, Starfleet listed David as M.I.A.
Unbeknownst to Starfleet, David had been transported back to Odyssey Station, where he had accepted as its caretaker. Finding himself effectively trapped without a way to get in touch with Starfleet, David undertook a radical course of action that took him the better part of the year to master the technology, referred to as ''holomatrix construct'', which allowed David to create a matrix construct of his actual body and transfer his mind into, opening a corridor long enough to deposit the matrix construct of himself on the extreme edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. In order for it to work, David had to forget where he physically was in order to make it work, and woke up in the matrix construct on a deserted planet with no knowledge of how he actually got there.
[[File:PlanetaryIsolation.jpg|300px|thumb|left|Planetary Isolation]]
It took almost a full year before a science vessel, the USS Kalipso, picked up on the combadge signal emitting from the planet. After being taken off planet back to Starfleet, David was treated for malnutrition and psychiatric isolation for having lived so long without any kind of social interaction (and based on he almost took out an entire Away Team before they were able to subdue and move David back to the Kalipso) and saturated with space - time differentials. The Chief Medical Officer of the Kalipso suspected some kind of lengthly duration outside of the normal space-time flow, but couldn't prove conclusively given David had been living on planet since almost his disappearance from the Independence.
David spent the first three months of 2389 under physical therapy and psychiatric evaluation, as well as reintrod ucing him back into a social environment. Noted among the Starbase118 Medical Staff, it became evident that while he couldn't consciously remember the time between March 2387 and December 2388, spikes in his EEG and CAT scans revealed his dream states were accessing those memories. He was eventually diagnosed with memory overload and a strict regimine of memory recall were implimented.
By April of 2389, David passed his physicals and had pieced back together his sense of self, along with his memories up to the point of his disappearance and after the Kalipso crew rescued him. Starfleet Intelligence stepped in then and removed David from Medical's custody. He underwent a full debriefing, and SFI put him through another full regimine of therapy as well as retraining in field operations before they would sign off and allow David to return to active duty.
Intelligence and Medical finally signed off and allowed David to return to Active Duty on Stardate 238907.10, where he joined [[Starbase 118 Ops]], under the commanding of then Captain [[Nicholotti, Kali|Kalianna Nicholotti]]. Less than two days after returning to Starfleet, David swept his commanding officer, newly minted Captain [[Nicholotti, Kali|Kali Nicholotti]] into a dance that did more than just [[Nicholotti May I?|waltz across the floor]], kindling deeper feelings and a strong attraction during a formal dinner and promotion celebration. Disaster struck with an assassination attempt on Kalianna. David unknowningly tapped into the knowledge blocked by creating a holographic matrix to act as Kalianna's double. Over the course of the incident within the Thracian Alliance and the Klingons during the crisis, David found himself drawn deeper towards his commanding officer, cultimating with the Victory's return to the StarBase and sharing his feelings with her. In November of 2389, they made the decision to move in together after Kalianna died a second time, only to be revived by an ingenious Doctor [[MacLaren, Johanna Diedre|Johanna MacLaren]] where they spent the night together in the Recovery Room of the [[USS Victory]].
The arrival of [[Cody, B'Sara|B'Sara Cavann]], who heard David reappeared and had been tracking down the man she viewed as her father, sparked the web of what happened to David unfolding as he 'woke up' during the course of the Thracian Incident. His matrix construct dissolved as he was shunted back into his physical body back on Odyssey Station, prompting an all out rescue by the station crew to bring him back.
They found David attached to a machine of unknown type. Nicholotti, using her medical knowledge, managed to detach David from the device, packed him up, and left back for Starbase 118. Unconscious and deep in a coma, David remained in the coma ward on Starbase 118 from the time of his rescue, in the beginning 2390 until the beginning of 2392 when he woke up. Wanting to recover at home, David removed himself and took B'Sara back with him to Mars, effectively retiring himself to recover, get back into the family business, and by end of June 2392, recovered and settled as the corporate owner of the JTSC.
It didn't last. Starfleet Intelligence recalled David to the Fleet, handing him the USS Daedalus to get out to the Garridon System on the Federation-Klingon border to find out what happened to one of their brand new outposts as they hadn't received a report from the officer on hand. David arrived within the system and quickly determined the planet was unsuitable for the outpost, as over three hundred people were trapped on the surface. Working with the [[USS Gemini]], David aided in the extraction of the outpost personnel and ran face-to-face with Kalianna again.
On stardate 239207.13, David was re-instated to the Fleet and assigned to the [[USS Apollo-A]], joining his former commanding officer and its new crew, as a Mission Specialist, which suited his unique set of skills. He served over the course of its run until the Apollo’s decommissioning on stardate 2393.0214 (ironically, falling on the eve prior to his tenth anniversary when he joined Starfleet). Kalianna’s departure left an emptiness in heart, losing the woman he loved. Feeling something of widow, he began to piece his personal life back together on top of a recall notice back to Starfleet Command at Starbase 118, where an unexpected opportunity came up; an offer to return to command, serving aboard the USS Doyle-A as Captain Selene Faranfey’s First Officer.
David flew out from Earth to rendezvous with the Doyle-A on stardate 2393.0215, accepting his new assignment. Due to the situation on hand, he discovered Captain Faranfey and crew had not reported in and ended up working with Deep Space 285 and Captain Faranster deploying search and rescue operations. The USS Doyle was finishing up repairs at the station. David decided to assume temporary command of the USS Doyle, along with a few other crew members who had arrived with him. He left the station and proceeded on the crew's last known heading, which took them deep inside the Briar Patch. Needless to say, they arrived in the middle of a breakout attempt from a nasty planet where the crew had been captured and imprisoned by the Sisterhood of Chains. One of the Sisters secretly defected, and Captain Faranster with the crew took the Sister, and the ship modified to traverse the planet's atmosphere, off planet. David and Selene met under a nasty set of circumstances, which forced him to continue command operations of the Doyle until the Captain was cleared to return to duty.
Things progressed smoothly until a family emergency forced David to return to Mars for a little over eight weeks, concerning the JTSC's Chief Engineer and his family. Once things were secured, David returned as the crew came out of a dream state forced on them by an ancient, power and space-floating entity. Working with Selene, he decided to step back into an Advisory role and reassigned himself to resuming as a Specialist. Finalizing some last minute crew staff changes with the Captain, the {{USS|Athena}} arrived, prompting the crew's reassignment to the Odyssey Class vessel.
: ''Full Article: [[/Timeline|David Cody Timeline]]''
{{Heading|Medical History|Red}}
: ''Full Article: [[/Medical history|David Cody Medical History]]''
{{Heading|Starfleet Service History|Red}}
* '''Date Graduated from Academy''': 238302.17
* '''Current Rank''': Commander
* '''Prior Assignments''':
**[[StarBase 118 Ops]]
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! colspan="3" style="background:#800000; width:600px;" |<font color=#ffffff>'''Professional History'''</font>
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! style="background:#E0FFFF; width:120px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Insignia'''</font>
! style="background:#F0E68C; width:120px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Rank'''</font>
! style="background:#E0FFFF; width:150px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Date'''</font>
! style="background:#F0E68C; width:220px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Posting'''</font>
! style="background:#E0FFFF; width:190px;" |<font color=#000000>'''Assignment'''</font>
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:01-Ensign-Gold.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Ensign
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238302.17--238304.19
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Independence]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Tactical Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Lieutenant (j.g.)
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238304.19--238308.04
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Independence]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Security Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Lieutenant
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238308.04--238411.19
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Independence]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small> Chief of Security
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:04-LtCommander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Lieutenant Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238411.19--238601.05
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Independence-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>2XO, First Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238601.05--238703.25
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Independence-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>FO, Commanding Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238703.25--2392.0116
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[Waystations|Odyssey Station]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Caretaker
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238911.27--238912.16
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[Starbase 118]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Holmatrix 2XO/Ops Chief
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Black.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>238912.16--239002.20
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[Starbase 118]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Holomatrix 2XO/Director of Intel
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239002.20--209201.17
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[Starbase 118]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Coma Ward
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:00-Blank-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Civilian
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239201.17--239207.06
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Retired
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[Mars Colonies]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239207.06--239207.12
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Daedalus]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commanding Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239207.13--239302.14
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Apollo-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Mission Specialist
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239302.15--239307.15
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Doyle-A]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>First Officer
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[Image:05-Commander-Red.jpg]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Commander
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>239307.15--Present
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>[[USS Athena]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |<small>Mission Specialist
{{Heading|Awards & Ribbons|Red}}
{{Ribbons Display}}
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| [[File:Awards General 1Year.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards General 3Year 2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards General 5Year 2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards_General_NebulaBar_2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards_Special_Kalendra_2011.jpg‎|100px]]
| [[File:Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Awards_ServiceRibbons_GornCampaign_2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:GornInvasion.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:GrendellaiRibbon.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:KlingonInvasion.jpg‎|100px]]
| [[File:Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg|100px]]
| [[File:Merriamedallion.gif|50px]]
| [[File:Tosma2.gif|50px]]
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