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Jacob Russell Krieger

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After getting the Vandenburg, the Admiral's next 15 years were spent almost entirely in the Bajor sector. He was instrumental in the treaty negotiations with the [[Cardassian Union|Cardassians]] and has spent much time on and around [[Bajor]]. He plans to retire there. It is believed that Admiral Krieger is the first Admiral to have regular command of a starship since Admiral [[ma:James T. Kirk|Kirk]] commanded the [[ma:USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)|USS Enterprise]], before Kirk's demotion.
After more than twenty years, the USS Vandenburg was decommissioned, and Krieger was forced, once again, to a desk job. He accepted a position at Starbase 118 under the command of {{nrank|Fleet Admiral|Tristan|Wolf}}, to while away the time until he can retire to Bajor. After the discovery of the [[Par'tha Expanse]], Wolf reassigned him to [[Deep Space 26]], a Starfleet refit of an ancient and abandoned space station in that region. He served there until 2393, when he officially retired and handed the reigns over to Rear Admiral [[Renos]].
===Personality & Appearance===
Admiral Krieger is 183 cm and weighs about 97.5 kg. He has a full head of silvery black hair, a neatly trimmed full beard and piercing blue eyes. He has a very commanding personality, yet if you are lucky enough to get to know him away from his post, he is a very soft spoken and quiet individual. It is understood that he demands 110% from his officers, and always gets it because of the respect his officers have for him.
He enjoyed a very good working relationship with Commander [[Varaan]] during their time in the Expanse.
**{{USS|Vandenburg}}/21 years/Various tours types
**Starbase 118/6 months/Resource Allocation Administration
**'''Current Assignment:''' [[Deep Space 26]]/current12 years/diplomatic outpost**'''Current Assignment:''' retired

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