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Francis Ryan

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Ryan's educational background and keen interest in piloting lead him to graduate from the Academy with a Major in counselling and a minor in Helm. He is proficient in conversational Vulcan gaining recognition for his civilian abilities during the course of the curriculum. He graduated and gained the rank of Ensign 239312 after completion of his cadet cruise under the command of Captain Sal Taybrim aboard the USS Centris-A, serving at the helm.
Francis Ryan is non married but is in a domestic partnership with Elonat ‘Eleanor’ Fa a human/vulcan where they met as students while both attending UNC Charlotte and have been committed since. In 2388 during they announced they would be having a daughter. Arya Ryan was born 238905 and has since turned five years old. At the request of Ensign Ryan and signed off by the command of StarBase118 Ops, his family will join him while he acts out his duties as counsellor. His good relationship with her family and overall respect for her heritage prompted his learning of the Vulcan language, which he would study further at Starfleet Academy.  In comparison to humans who rate T2/E4 on the telepathic/empathy scale Francis Ryan has a recognised T2/E5 which gives him heightened empathic capability. While this does not seem to give him Any specialised abilities in comparison to a Deltan, it is to be assumed that during the course of his training and into the future that he will be tapping (TBCeven if inadvertently)  into a emphatic sensing ability of undetermined power.

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