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Francis Ryan

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Frankie’s upbringing was unexciting and standard for civilian life.  He attended both primary and secondary education in his home town gaining his Diploma. He later attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and finished earning him a bachelors degree in Social Sciences. While there he was a hitter for Charlotte 49ers baseball team, and it is said that he had promise to continue after the collegiate level. It is from here that he began to attend Starfleet Academy.
Ryan's educational background and keen interest in piloting lead him to graduate from the Academy with a Major in counselling and a minor in Helm. He is proficient in conversational Vulcan gaining recognition for his civilian abilities during the course of the curriculum. He graduated and gained the rank of Ensign 239312 after completion of his cadet cruise under the command of Captain Sal Taybrim aboard the USS Centris-A, serving at the helm.  <h3>{{LCARS-bar-left|Personal Life|100|COLOR=Teal}}</h3>

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