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John Nugra

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* '''Thomas Nugra''' was the a lawer lawyer in Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts. John did not know how well because he died of tuberculosis when John was twelve, he is considered a great man in the city.
* '''June Nugra''' was John's mother and a rich heiress who married Thomas Nugra in an arranged marriage. A socialite, June was an expert at all the social responsibilities of people of their status.
{{Citation|Explorer's Ribbon|239402.13|Service Ribbon|For exploring the Raytas Sector.}}
{{Citation|First Contact Ribbon|239402.13|Service Ribbon|For First Contact with the [[Dryary Confederation]].}}
{{Citation|Silver Star|239404.28|Service Ribbon|For engaging the [[Agragon Empire|Agragons]] while outnumbered.}}
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