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John Nugra

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John Nugra was born to his parents Henry and Janet Nugra on November 27th, 1837 in Massachusetts Bay. Coming from a well established family, John was able to get a premier education than most in the United States at the time. Though problem was that John was not content to become a lawyer like his father.
Though he started a practice as soon as her left Harvard, John dropped it all when the American Civil War began. Not telling his parents, John joined the Union Army being able to purchase the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Over the next four years, he fought in many engagemtns like the first and second Battle of Bull's Run and GettysburghGettysburg.
War weary and jaded with life, John tried to return to Massachusetts Bay in 1866 but could not make things work. His disgust with the well to do after seeing the horrors of war forced him to move west with the great western expansion. In 1869, he settled in Reverie Rock, Montana at the age of 32. Here he spent 16 years building up his ranch into a vast, sprawling empire of his own. It was in the fateful day that The scorpian scorpion and Los Parasitos arrived that destroyed the world as he knew it.
John Nugra discovered that his entire life was a creation of an alien entity.
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