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Damian Wynter

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Damian was born in New Berlin, Luna in 2367. Due to a genetic defect his hair is snow white since birth. He spent most of his life on Luna going to school and after graduating working as a technician until he decided to join Starfleet at the age of 21. He then moved to the academies campus in San Francisco until he was transferred to Starbase 118 for his final exam.
After earning his commission, Damian was assigned to the USS Apollo-A as an engineering officer. Only a few weeks later the core crew of the Apollo was reassigned to the USS Constitution-B. His stay on the Constitution was also a brief one, as shortly after Damian got promoted to Lieutenant JG he learned that his younger sister Ivy ran away and went missing. Ignoring the damage it might do to his career, he took his leave from Starfleet to search for her. At last he managed to track her down on a dodgy merchant ship, where she posed as a deck hand. Damian managed to convince her to return to their parents and finish school, promising that he would stay in contact and help her with her goals. He then returned to Starfleet and was surprised that he was offered his old posting as an engineer once again on the USS Constitution-B.
He is quiet and chooses his words carefully. He is not comfortable getting praise and often feels his abilities get overrated.

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