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Balvido Gaev

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[[Image:Gaev.jpg|left]][[Image:Gaev rena.jpg|right]] * Owner of the [[Gusto Tavern]] located on Beach Street, Balvido Gaev fled [[Capital Province Lokesh|Lokesh City]], on [[Duronis II]] to set up a new operation on DS24 called the Gusto Tavern, which is a front for his gambling casino (downstairs) and prostitution quarters (upstairs). His office in back also serves as a center for his other criminal activities.
* Hair: Blonde/Gray
* Weight: 205 lbs.
* Age: 46
* Species: Laudean
* Home World: Duronis II
== Gaev Quotes ==
'''To Rena'''
*Here's to a Federation Free Til'honahn, and a long and very friendly relationship between us.*You amaze me [[Rena]]. So beautiful, yet so deadly.
*How could I ever forget that. I will always watch my back with you around.
*But then being dangerous is what makes us a perfect team.

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