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John Nugra

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|NAME = John Nugra
|SHIP = USS Athena
|RANK = Lt. Commander
|POST = Risk Assessment Officer
'''Lt. Commander John Nugra''' is a Risk Assessment Officer on the {{USS|Athena}}.
* '''Handedness:''' Left
* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': Very faint scar running down his left eye.
* '''Carriage''': Bit of a swagger and nonchelantness nonchalance to it.
* '''Build''': Heavy built due to having a past as a ranch hand.
* '''Poses''': Like to lean against things when conversing.
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lieutenant|Gold|DS9|239307.17|239310.29|Security Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lt. Commander|Gold|DS9|239310.29|Present|Risk Assessment Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Commander|Gold|DS9|239402.14|Present|Risk Assessment Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}

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