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Rawanna Constructs

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* '''Distance from Star''': its orbit is approximately 35 million km
* '''Companions''': It is the 3rd of 5 planets in the system
** Rawanna I: H-class – desert world** Rawanna II: O-class – pelagic world** Rawanna III: M-class – warm on the edge between M and O class** Rawanna IV: L-class - Rocky and barren** Rawanna V: I-class – Gas supergiant
* '''Moons''': Rawanna III has 2 moons.
* '''Rotational Period''': 23.2 hours
* '''Classification''': [[Planetary Classification|M/O]]
** '''Surface Water''': 77% ** '''Atmosphere''': 1.15% is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 2% trace chemicals ** '''Climate''': Mainly a semi-tropical to tropical world with mild weather patterns.** '''Terrain''': Many rain forests, jungles and mild hilly, rocky zones on large islands. ** '''Population''': Just over 5 thousand

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