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Francis Ryan

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Frankie was born in a medical facility adjacent Ensign Francis ‘Frankie’ Ryan is an active member of Starfleet assigned to the Utopia Plantia Fleet YardsUSS Constitution as an officer of its Onboard Counselling Division. Born 237111.16, on He is the planet Mars. His father son of a civilian shuttle pilot, for and a waitress born at Federation Medical Facility Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards and raised in and around the dry docks . Due to the strained relationship with his family and the very real strain it had on his mother a waitresshealth and development. Though they remain togetherRyan enlisted in Starfleet Academy utilising his social sciences background, to train into his parents have drifted apart and in their never ended feudDuty Role, have tried while also completing the four year Curriculum assigned to influence him with their own personalities. As a result he became socially isolated and suffered from panic attacksall officers of the fleet, receiving an exemplary education.
During this time however he was able to achieve a secondary education.
After as of yet unknown incident, Ryan decided to flee the planet by enlisting in Starfleet academy. With the help of his trainers and enlisting the services of a counselor his personality began to take shape, receiving an exemplary education in his field.
Frankie has a love of research and reading, taking on new projects developed from a large amount of time in isolation, and his hobbies include meditation, and it is said, he continuously attempts to learn the Vulcan way of suppressing emotion, in hope of inhibiting his past anxieties.

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