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Starfleet Academy Curriculum

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All Starfleet officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minimum four year training program. Cadets at any Starfleet Academy campus have choices when they're compiling their courseload and choosing their focus.
[[File:Selene Faranfey.png|thumb|200px|left|'''Captain [[Selene Faranfey]]'''<br>Academy Commandant<br>Starbase 118 Campus]]
Most cadets enter the Academy at age 18. The Academy adds four years to that, plus one year for each Cadet Cruise taken (if any). Those who wish to pursue a career in command can add two more years of specialized command training. The Academy's main campus is located in San Francisco, Earth. Additional campuses are spread across the Federation. There are also several other training sites in sector 001, including a flight training area near Saturn's orbit.

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