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John Nugra

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|NAME = John Nugra
|SHIP = USS Athena
|RANK = LieutenantLt. Commander
|POST = Security Risk Assessment Officer
|COLOR = Gold
|SPECIES = Human
'''Lt. Commander John Nugra''' is a security officer on the {{USS|Athena}}.
* '''Quarters''': Rustic and comfortable. He has tried to make it like his old cabin as much as possible.
* '''Mannerisms''': Though effecientefficient, he has a tendency to be sarcastic. Some assume he doesn't care when he really does.
* '''Physical Limitations''': Normal human limitations.
* '''Temperament''': Calm for the majority of the time, but when angry he is unpredictable.
* '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': Methodist, Christianity.
<gallery mode="traditional">
file:McKnight.png|Old Ranch hand turned real person.
file:Selene Faranfey.png|An old,cherished friend.
=== {{n|Amuro|McKnight}}===
One of his most staunch workhandswork hands, John Nugra found it a surprise to discover that Amuro McKnight was not a figment of the fake reality of Reverie Rock and was a real person who served as a marine officer aboard the USS Athena. Though they were no longer boss and ranch hand, some of their friendship did remain. === {{n|Selene|Faranfey}}=== Either a stroke of luck or a gift from God, John Nugra was happy when he discovered that all the memories that [[Nugra|Colonel Nugra]] had of [[Selene Faranfey]] fully grafted themselves on him. From his point of view, he had been the one to train her in the academy, to [[As the Future Burns (Victory)|rescue her from her burning ship]] and to serve with her on the {{USS|Doyle|A}}. It is a friendship that he cherishes and glad to have back.
{{heading|Family History|Gold}}
* '''Thomas Nugra''' was the original founder of the Nugra ranch that was located outside of Reverie Rock and spent all his life building it up in to into the cattle empire it was. Having died of tuburculosis tuberculosis when John was twelve, he is considered a great man and a co-founder of Reverie Rock.
* '''June Nugra''' was John's mother and a rich heiress that gave up her home in New England to travel with Thomas to the western frontier. She stuck by her husband's side through thick and thin helping create the cattle ranch John would inherit.
Unfortunately, these were fake memories imprinted on [[Nugra|Colonel Nugra]] by [[The Dream Master (Doyle-A)|an alien entity called the Dream Master in a dream world.]] Colonel Nugra died in the process of freeing the Dream Master from a parasitic entity. The alien being created John Nugra as a thank you to the Gorn and the crew of the USS Doyle.
Having many of the memories and experiences of Colonel Nugra, John Nugra is the Gorn's soul filtered through a human emotional schema. John knows he's not the original Nugra. <!--Starfleet Command Commander later ruled in their hearing that John Nugra was a separate individual and as such would not be afforded due to the rank and position amount of memories that the previous person did. In turn, though, he was provided the rank of Lieutenant had retained and given the option his ability to live up to transfer anywhere in Starfleet ideals, he wished. John chose to remain aboard the {{USS|Doyle|A}} as was granted Federation citizenship and a commission under a security officerspecial provision from Starfleet Command. -->
{{Heading|Service History|Gold}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Civilian|Silver|DS9|239306.12|239307.17|Not Assigned|SHIP=''USS Doyle-A''}}
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lieutenant|Gold|DS9|239307.17|239310.29|Security Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Lt. Commander|Gold|DS9|239310.29|Present|Security Risk Assessment Officer|SHIP=''USS Athena''}}
<td align='center'>[[Twilight Reliquary (Athena)|Twilight Reliquary]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239307.17 - Present239310.01</b></td>
* '''Date Graduated from Academy''': 238008.04
* '''Serial Number''': [ QT - 778 - 994]
* '''Current Rank''': Lieutenant (Acting)Lt. Commander
* '''Current Assignment''': {{USS|Athena}}
* '''Duty Post''': Security Risk Assessment Officer
===Service Ribbons & Annual Awards===
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[[Category:Athena PCs]][[Category:Doyle-A PCsAlumni]]

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