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USS Gorkon

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[[File:Sovereign Asteroid Field.jpg|400px|thumb|center|USS Gorkon]]The USS Gorkon is a [[Sovereign Class Starships|Sovereign class]] starship, launched in 2392 under the command of Captain {{n|Quinn|Reynolds}}. Named for the famed Klingon chancellor who forged peace between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, the newest of the Sovereign line is intended to follow in his footsteps as a warrior, peacemaker and visionary.
Her primary theatre of operations is the [[Menthar CorridorTyrellian Sector]], where she leads and participates in Starfleet's continuing explorationscientific, scientific diplomatic and diplomatic defence efforts. To support this effort, the Sovereign's usually modest VIP and scientific facilities have been upgraded to include additional configurable quarters, enhanced sensor arrays and a larger number of laboratories. Increased automation has resulted in a lower crew requirement, providing ample space for these expansions. Additionally, the Gorkon is equipped with a quantum slipstream device so that she can rapidly deploy to provide tactical support to the Federation vessels in the area.

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