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USS Achilles

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{{Achilles}}{{Motto - LoD|Sing, oh Muse, the wrath of Achilles"|Homer, ''Iliad''|ICON=Achilles-icon1.gif|link=Design Garuda Namesake and Development==Dedication Plaque}}One of the critical strategic problems faced by Starfleet Command'''USS ''Achilles''''' (NX-82376), if the Federation was going to win the Dominion War, was that the Federation forces were being spread too thin. Between defending the Federation territory briefly named '''NX ''Nemesis''''' from and trying 2381 to go on the offensive against the Dominion2383, in addition to keeping is a wary eye on the Romulans, Starfleet found it had too many obligations Federation starship and too few resources. This problem became even more acute when Starfleet strategists had determined that the 'lead ship of [[Achilles Heel' of the Dominion Class|her class]]. She was named for the dependency ancient Greek hero of Homer's epic poem the Jem[[wp:Iliad|'Hadar on Ketracel-White. If the Federation- Klingon Alliance could destroy, or even severely threaten, the Ketracel-White facilities the Dominion's Alpha Quadrant Offensive would grind to a halt. Unfortunately the only ships the either Starfleet or the KDF had that could do the job were the Galaxy and NeghIliad''Var class ships. ]]
Unescorted long-range strikes against heavily defended multiple targets currently could not be performed by any existing vessel==Operational History==USS ''Achilles'' was laid down on Stardate 237310. The Defiant-class3 at the Procyon Fleetyards, with sufficient firepower, had too limited an operating rangelaunched stardate 237412. The Galaxy and Negh'Var classes21, while having the rangesponsored by Leticia Apollodorus, were too expensive to risk. Neither the Federation nor the Klingons were willing to commit daughter of the large fleets required to hit these targets; to do so would have entailed compromising defense governor of key Federation and Klingon systems. A new ship of revolutionary design would be requiredGreece, with Captain Morghan O'Riley in command.
Ship designers of Utopia Planitia were up Due to the challenge. They not only designed a totally new class Romulan hijacking of ship, the Achilles; they designed and built it in less than two years. By adapting current anti-Borg designs to USS Prometheus the new threatprevious year, they developed a ship with revolutionary features that would enable the Achilles to fulfill the role as long-range cruiser with firepower nearly equal to a Sovereign Class cruiser. This was accomplished with the new micro-torpedoes arranged in a 'phalanx' array allows an astoundingly high rate of fire that could cripple any Dominion ship. With the arrangement of the phalanx system, the Achilles can protect itself against the strike fighters defending Ketracel-White facilities, while still maintaining its focus on destroying the target. Redundant warp and impulse nacelles were designed so the Achilles can sustain moved under heavy damage and still maneuver. Dual rapid-fire Quantum torpedo turrets, based on the turret escort from Procyon to the Sovereign-classUtopia Planitia Fleetyards orbiting Sol IV (Mars), and a pair where the rest of enhanced pulse-phaser cannons, based on Defiant-class cannonsher systems, enables including the Achilles sufficient firepower to destroy most large fixed targets in one pass. Finally[[Thetis|THETIS]] AI control system, the Achilles has an unsupported, self-serviceable range equal to the Galaxy Class exploration vessels that is required to operate effectively behind the Dominion defensive perimeterwere installed.
Deployed for field testing in [[File:Achilles.jpg|250px|left|thumb|USS ''Achilles'']]Her combat outfitting complete, Achilles deployed to the closing weeks front on Stardate 237504.04, construction crews still aboard fitting out some of the war under her systems. Arriving at Starbase 372, Achilles was immediately assigned to the command of Thomas Rikerand given a long-range unescorted strike mission, the prototype Achilles performed admirably, destroying two key target being the Ketracel-White production facilities on its single mission behind enemy linesin the Pelosa system. It also accounted for two full Despite heavy resistance from defending Cardassian fighter wingsand Dominion forces, as well as nearly she made a score of Jem'Hadar strike cruisers in its missionsuccessful single pass on the facility, destroying the best record of any single ship in complex with its high output quantum torpedo launchers. In addition to the war. However successfulfacility, the Achilles destroyed a number full wing of problems were identified fighters and the Achilles was returned to Utopia Planitia four Dominion attack ships, while crippling at the end of the war for refittingleast as many. The remainder of her hull This was filled out with the nona single-warfare facilities mission ship kill record that were called for in her original design, including a basic science department, multipurpose holodecks and upgraded ship-wide holo-emitters. She was retasked stood for system patrol and deep-space exploration then moved out for further field testing near the end rest of 2375the war.
==Artificial Intelligence Control System==While extremely successful during the war and finished out shortly afterward, problems between her commanding officers and the THETIS system, however, resulted in the most advanced ship in Starfleet having 5 COs within a year after the war, then being drydocked, unused, at the Utopia Planitia yards for nearly six more.
THETISNew threats, or in the form of the Tri-optical Humanoid-Equivalent Thought Integration SystemRomulan Empire, was designed pushed Starfleet Command to be an advanced neural network find a new commander for the new Achillesand Fleet Captain Adler Wong-class attack cruisersAquiss was assigned to the ship. HoweverAfter being told that she was being recommissioned, during the initial test phases on onboard AI hacked the prototype system, the programmers found computers that Thetis had become self-aware. In a panic, they tried to shut controlled the system down moorings at Utopia Planitia and fix what they saw as took the ship out for a problem. Howevershort trip, Thetis, or Tess as she likes leaving her new CO to be called, managed arrive at the shipyards to break through the lock-down in the comm system and appealed find no ship of which to the Starfleet JAG office for amnestytake command. The programmers were ordered ship was tracked by long-range sensor arrays making a blazingly fast triangle to cease their attempts at reprogrammingWolf 359, then Procyon, pending a hearing on Tess' status as a sentient beingbefore returning to Mars.
Subsiquently, ===As NX ''Nemesis''===At the Starfleet review board declared Thetis sentient and request of the designers were forced to incorporate her into the system. HoweverFleet-Captain Wong-Aquiss, the ''Achilles-class designers have subsiquently removed any '' was renamed ''Nemesis'', honoring a long line of the THETIS system from following ships of with that name. The onboard AI was less than thrilled with this classname change but was forced to go along with it nonetheless.
During her post-Dominion War upgradesThe first mission of the ship was successful, evacuating a ship-wide holoemitter system colony before the planet tore itself apart from internal seismic pressure. The second mission was installed to allow the EMH to report for emergencies. No holomatrix stop a defecting Starfleet Admiral from reaching Romulan space; Nemesis was created for Tessintercepted and presumed destroyed by 5 Norexean-class Warbirds. HoweverShe managed to destroy two Romulan ships and crippled two others, she surprised her maintenance crews by creating her own holoprogram and now is able to project herself anywhere within the confines reportedly badly enough that at least one of the shipthem was scrapped rather than being repaired.
The keel ===Reappearance===Reports of the USS Achilles, the ship that Thetis is integrated into, was laid at the Procyon Fleetyards. Her navigation and drive systems 's demise were finished there, then she was movedto quote Mark Twain, under heavy escort, to "greatly exaggerated." The ship reappeared in the Utopia Planetia Fleetyards orbiting Sol IV (Mars)Ithassa region, where the rest of operating under her systemsoriginal name ''Achilles'', including and played a role in precipitating the AI, were subsiquently installed[[Gorn_Conflict_of_2383|Gorn invasion]] of that region in 2383.
After the conflict, Starfleet decided it was time to track down ''Achilles'' and bring her back into the fold. Commander Walker and the {{USS|Ronin}} were assigned to that task. After a tense encounter involving the summary destruction of three Grendellai ships and the spacing of their boarding parties from the ''Ronin'' by the AI, the ship returned willingly to [[Deep Space 17]] and its newly expanded facilities for repairs and refitting.
Production Run: USS Achilles NX-82376*further production has not been scheduled, pending testing completion* {{118LoD}}
Type[[Category: Heavy Cruiser*Length: 612 meters *Beam: 372 meters *Height: 67 meters *Decks: 12 *Mass: 1,295,410 metric tons  Crew: 75 Officers, 300 Enlisted, 0-500 Other (400 Total Standard Crew) *Evacuation limit: 900 Diplomatic Capabilities: Grade 3Standard Mission Duration: 3 years *Minor Refits: 5 years *Standard Refits: 10 years *Major Refits: 15 years (shipyard-based overhauls) *Expected Hull Life: 95 years with refits  Propulsion: *2 LF-45 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units (MARA) *2 FIG 6 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units (Standard)  Velocity: *Normal Cruise: Warp 7.0 *Maximum Cruise: Warp 9.75+ (still under testing) *Maximum Rated: Warp 9.99+ (still under testing)  Phasers: *8 x Type XII Phaser arrays, total output 40,000 TeraWattsUSS Achilles|*2 x Class I rapid fire phaser pulse cannons, total output 32,500 TeraWatts ]]Torpedoes[[Category: Starfleet vessels|A]]*2 x Burst-fire Torpedo Turrets (Photon/Quantum) + 300 torpedoes *Phalanx Torpedo Array + 300 mini-quantum torpedoes (max 50km range)  Shields[[Category: *Auto-modulated high capacity regenerative shield system, total capacity 3,100,000 TeraJoules *Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull plus 10 cm Ablative armor. *High level Structural Integrity Field  Computers: *Primary Computer System: Class XIX Bioneural/Isolinear Computer Core/LCARS *Primary Navigation System: RAV/ISHAK Mod 7 Warp Celestial Guidance  Strength Indices: (1000 = Galaxy-Achilles class equivalent)vessels|A]]*Beam Strength: 1,450 *Torpedo Strength: 6,840 *Weapons' Range/Accuracy: 1,000 *Shields: 1,148 *Hull/Armor Strength: 1,900 *Speed: 4,125 *Combat Maneuverability: 7,500 *Total Strength[[Category: **2895.773 (within 50km) **1912.601 (outside 50km)Decommissioned vessels|A]]

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