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Roshanara Rahman

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[[File:Rahman3Rahman-2395-bridge.jpgpng|thumb|left|200px|Roshanara Rahman]]'''Dr. Roshanara Rahman''' is the {{age|2356|12|15}}-year-old commanding officer of the {{USS|Syracuse}}. She is currently on special assignment as commanding officer of the decommissioned {{c|Constitution}} {{USS|VentureVeritas}}. She is also a project manager for the [[Starfleet Corps of Engineers]] and a [[Starfleet Academy Curriculum|Starfleet Academy]] instructor. She previously served as an engineer aboard the starships ''Shanghai'', [[USS Tempest|''Tempest'']], [[USS Pioneer|''Pioneer'']], [[USS Mercury|''Mercury'']], and [[USS Garuda|''Garuda'']], and was chief engineer of the latter two vessels. She served as first officer to Fleet Captain [[Aron Kells]] aboard the ''Garuda'' and {{USS|Invicta}}. She later assumed command of the ''Invicta'' briefly in 2393 before being assigned as captain of the {{USS|Syracuse}}.
Born on Moselina IV, a busy trade stop located near Krios Prime, the Kriosian homeworld, Roshanara's birth parents gave her up for adoption, and a human couple took her in, named her, and raised her back on Earth in the city of Lahore. Often mistaken for a Trill due to her [[Kriosian]] spots, she joined Starfleet because of her interest in starship design and engineering, an interest that has not come without a cost as she was gravely injured early in her career from a major accident that required lengthy rehabilitation.
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Stats & Service Record|270|COLOR=maroon|clear}}
===<font color=maroon>Vitals</font>===
|روشن آرا الرحمٰن
|Ro-shun-ar-rah Rah-MAHN
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|"Roshni" by most of her close friends<br>"Rosh" by Dr. {{n|Niccolò|del Vedova}}and [[Ki Shandres]]<br>''Ervami'' (Rodulan: "soul keeper") by [[Tristam Core]] <font color=white>also ''kenkt '' occasionally</font>
|- style="vertical-align:top;"
|'''Current Assignment'''
|valign=top width=80|[[File:ConstitutionVeritas-orbiticon1.jpg|73pxgif|link=USS VentureVeritas]]
*<font color=darkgoldenrodmaroon>'''Commanding Officer'''</font>, 239309239312.17 06 - Present
|valign=top width=80|[[File:Constitution-orbit.jpg|73px|link=USS Venture]]
*<font color=darkgoldenroddarkgreen>'''Commanding Officer'''</font>, 239309.17 - Present239311.07
**Captain, promoted 239309.17
!colspan=2 align=left style="font-size:medium"|{{USS|Syracuse}}, 2393
|valign=top width=80|[[File:Saber2.jpg|73px|link=USS Syracuse]]
*<font color=maroon>'''Commanding Officer'''</font>, 239311.08 - 239312.05
!colspan=2 align=left style="font-size:medium"|{{USS|Veritas}}, 2393
|valign=top width=80|[[File:Veritas-icon1.gif|link=USS Veritas]]
*<font color=maroon>'''Commanding Officer'''</font>, 239312.06 - Present
===Research & Publications (partial listing)===
*''Daystrom Institute Journal''
** Zutter M and Rahman R. A novel method to increase theta-matrix compositor efficency for dilithium recrystalization. ''DIJ'', 2384;107(3).
** Rahman R, Taric, and Zutter M. Rethinking the ideal intermix ratio for a 2,000+ Cochrane matter/antimatter reaction assembly. ''DIJ'', 2386;110(8).
** Rahman R. Dynamic subspace displacement field manipulation via transformative warp coil cycling. ''DIJ'', 2387;112(7).
*''[[Journal of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers]]''
** Rahman R, Bradley S, and Core T. Advanced flow regulation principles and actuator development for quantum slipstream propulsion. ''JSCE'', 2387; 316(4).
** Rahman R and Bradley S. Improved EPS grid resiliency and overload prevention during peak power consumption and high stress starship operations. ''JSCE'', 2388; 317(3).
** Baker N, Grix A, James, McCleran E, Rahman R, Richards A, and taJoot D. [[The Quantum Slipstream Drive – An Operations Guide]]. ''JSCE'', 2391; 320(1).
*[[Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards]]'s ''ASDB Technical Database''
**Rahman R. [[Galaxy class/Class Profile|Galaxy class profile]]. ''ASDB Technical Database'', 2391.
**Rahman R. [[Miranda class/Class Profile|Miranda class profile]]. ''ASDB Technical Database'', 2392.
**Rahman R. [[Veritas class/Class Profile|Veritas class profile]]. ''ASDB Technical Database'', 2393.
===[[Service Ribbons]]===
|{{Ribbons|Legion of Merit|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Gold Lifesaving Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Joint Meritorious Unit Award|100|36}}|-
|{{Ribbons|Klingon Invasion Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Purple Heart|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Good Conduct Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Good Conduct Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Prisoner of War Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Gateway Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|First Contact Ribbon|100|2}}
|{{Ribbons|Explorer's Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Explorer's Ribbon|100|5}}
|{{Ribbons|Innovation Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Department Chief Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon|100|3}}
|{{Ribbons|Prometheus Ribbon|100|2}}
|{{Ribbons|Excellence in Training Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Peacekeeper Service Ribbon|100|3}}
|{{Ribbons|Silver Star|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Quantum Reality Service Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|War of Shadows Ribbon|100|2}}|{{Ribbons|Maiden Voyage Ribbon|100}}|-|{{Ribbons|UFP Medal of Freedom|100}}|{{Ribbons|Extended Service Ribbon|100|2}}|{{Ribbons|Starship Commander Ribbon|100|2}}|-|{{Ribbons|Orion Syndicate Service Medal|100}}|{{Ribbons|Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal|100}}|{{Ribbons|Diplomacy Ribbon|100}}|-!colspan=3|{|align=center|{{Ribbons|Tholian Campaign Ribbon|100}}|{{Ribbons|Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal|100}}|}
:::In recognition of Roshanara's actions in the aftermath of the bombing aboard the {{USS|Mercury}} during the [[Klingon Invasion of 2389]].
:* '''Gold Lifesaving Ribbon''', 2389
:* '''Joint Meritorious Unit Award''', 2389, 2392, 2392 (3rd Citation), 2394, 2395, 2396
:::2389: In recognition of the crews of the {{USS|Mercury}}, {{USS|Apollo}}, and [[StarBase 118 Ops]] and their service in the resolution of the tri-ship mission into Thracian and Romulan space.
:::2392: In recognition of the capture of {{n|Harrison|Ross}} through the combined efforts with Cardassian security led by Glinn {{n|Lukin|Zorkal}}.
:::2392: In recognition of the combined efforts of the {{USS|Invicta}} and [[USS Ronin-A (alternate)|alternate USS ''Ronin''-A]] to seal a quantum fissure threatening to destabilize the Menthar Corridor.
:::2394: In recognition of working with the [[Antor II]] civilian agencies and government during the attack by [[Jilor]].
:::2395: In recognition of working with Klingon allies to investigate felicium found aboard Outpost 3 in the Shoals.
:::2396: In recognition defeating the Mentharian AI defense system Sentinel in concert with Tholian forces.
:* '''Klingon Invasion Ribbon''', 2389
:* '''Purple Heart''', 2390
:::2391: In recognition of the {{USS|Garuda}}'s first contact with the [[Kubarey]].
:::2392: In recognition of USS ''Garuda's'' first contact with the [[Peppalexan]]s.
:* '''Explorer's Ribbon''', 2391, 2393, 2394, 2395, 2395 (5th citation), 2396:::2391:In recognition of the {{USS|Garuda}}'s venture into [[Kubarey]] territory.:::2393: In recognition of participation in the mission to aid the [[Adovan]] people:::2394: In recognition of the discovery of the rogue planet within the [[Maelstrom]] and its inhabitants, the [[Thraltan]]s.:::2395: In recognition of the discovery of the Romulan Treasure Fleet and an uncharted planet.:::2395: In recognition of the discovery of the indigenous Malacosladae species of [[Havley's Hope]].:::2396: In recognition of the discovery of the moon [[Limbo]].
:* '''Innovation Ribbon''', 2392
:::For efforts to rescue crewmembers lost in the past, reconfiguring the transporter to beam them back through time.
:::For having served as a department head (Chief Engineer of the USS ''Mercury'' and USS ''Garuda'') for at least six months.
:* '''Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon''', 2392
:* '''Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon''', 2392, 2393, 2395:::2392:In recognition of USS ''Garuda's'' efforts to minimize the temporal damage caused by Peppalexa's reappearance and prevent its destruction by temporal fragments.:::2393: In recognition for preserving the timeline after being swept back in time to 2267 aboard the {{USS|Venture}}.:::2395: In recognition for efforts to minimize damage to the timeline when sent back several centuries in the [[Shoals]].
:* '''Prometheus Ribbon''', 2392, 2392 (2nd Citation)
:::2392: In recognition of USS ''Garuda's'' participation in Phase 1 of the [[Prometheus Incident]] campaign.
:* '''Excellence in Training Ribbon''', 2392
:::For having completed the requirements to become a certified training officer of the [[Training Team]].
:* '''Peacekeeper Service Ribbon''', 2392, 2393, 2395, 2396:::2392:For participating in a mission to ensure the peace between the [[Va Wreth]] and the other members of the [[Astrofori One]] project.:::2393: For helping ensure the future peace between the Federation in the Klingon Empire during a mission set in 2267.:::2395: For keeping the peace between the colonists of [[Havley's Hope]] and the newly discovered Malacosladae indigenous species.:::2396: For helping prevent the outbreak of all-out war between the Federation and the [[Tholian]]s during the period of high tensions in the wake of [[Astrofori One]]'s destruction.
:* '''Silver Star''', 2392
:::In recognition of the efforts against {{n|Harrison|Ross}} and his compatriots, thwarting their plans to disrupt the President's State of the Federation Address and the opening of [[Astrofori One]].
:* '''Quantum Reality Service Ribbon''', 2393
:::For having participated in a mission in an alternate reality, specifically, when the ''Invicta'' discovered a reality where the Federation had lost the [[Dominion War]].
:* '''War of Shadows Ribbon''', 2393, 2393 (2nd Citation) :::In recognition of USS ''Invicta's'' participation in Phase 1 and 2 of the [[War of Shadows]] campaign.:*'''Maiden Voyage Ribbon''', 2394:*'''UFP Medal of Freedom''', 2394:*'''Extended Service Ribbon''', 2395, 2396:*'''Starship Commander Ribbon''', 2395:*'''Orion Syndicate Service Medal''', 2395:*'''Galactic War with the Borg Service Medal''', 2395:*'''Diplomacy Ribbon''', 2395:*'''Tholian Campaign Ribbon''', 2396:*'''Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal''', 2396
|{{Ribbons|Neelix Award|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Scotty Cross|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Pathfinder Award|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Strange Medallion|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Rising Star Award|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Q Award|100}}
|{{Ribbons|James T. Kirk Cross Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Staff Member of the Year Award Ribbon|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Trailblazer Award|100}}
|{{Ribbons|Christopher Pike Pendant Ribbon|100}}
:* '''The Sarpeidon Award''', 2389
:* '''The Neelix Award''', 2389
:* '''Scotty Cross''', 2390
:* '''TOSMA''', 2391
:* '''Pathfinder Award''', 2392
:* '''The Strange Medallion''', 2392
:* '''Rising Star Award''', 2393
:* '''Q Award''', 2393
:* '''James T. Kirk Cross''', 2394
:* '''Staff Member of the Year Award''', 2394
:* '''Trailblazer Award''', 2395
:* '''Christopher Pike Pendant''', 2395
===Invicta Service Pennant==={{Service Pennant|56|left}}*Six tours of duty completed aboard {{USS|Invicta}} and {{USS|Veritas}}
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Appearance|150|COLOR=maroon}}[[File:Rahman5Rahman3.jpg|thumb|250px200px|In addition to her Kriosian spots, Roshanara carries an extensive set of scars from a major accident aboard the {{USS|Tempest}} in 2383.]]
* '''Height''': 161 cm (5'3")
* '''Weight''': 56 kilos (123 lbs)
In addition to her technical prowess, she also is quite good at reading faces and working with others, which has helped her in her professional development and when she has had to lead project teams.
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Personal Life|180|COLOR=maroon}}[[File:Rahman-Earth-2396.jpg|thumb|200px|Roshanara, while on shore leave visiting [[Earth]], 2396]]===Clothing===When not in uniform, she prefers casual, modest dress and can often be found roaming the corridors in anything from pants and a plain sweater to more traditional South Asian clothing. 
*'''USS ''Veritas'':''' [[Veritas Deck Layout|Deck 2]], Captain's Quarters
*'''USS ''Invicta'':''' [[Invicta Deck Layout|Deck 4]], Section 2
**'''Auxiliary Napping Spot:''' The couch in front of [[Mei'konda]]'s console on the [[Invicta Bridge|bridge]].
*'''USS ''Garuda'':''' [[Garuda Deck Layout/Stardrive|Deck 35, one of only two cabins on the deck]] and rather modest accommodations for an officer of her rank and position, but it conveniently places her near Main Engineering (Deck 36)
*'''USS ''Mercury'':''' Deck 17, a bit remote for a senior staff member but just two decks below [[Mercury Main Engineering|Main Engineering]] on the ''Mercury''.
<center><gallery widths="400px" heights="300px">
File:Garuda-Deck35-Rahman.jpg|Roshanara's quarters on the {{USS|Garuda}}, Deck 35
[[File:Salwar_kameez.jpg|thumb|150px|salwar kameez]]
When not in uniform, she prefers casual, modest dress and can often be found roaming the corridors in anything from jeans and a plain t-shirt to a comfy salwar kameez or sari.
===Personal Effects===
[[File:Charger.jpg|thumb|200px|"Charger," mascot for the Engineering Department]]
*A '''Newton's cradle''' desk toy in her ready room given to her by ''Veritas'' science officer [[German Galven]] in 2395 at a farewell gathering for him and the other ''Veritas'' officers who were reassigned to the {{USS|Montreal}}.
*A '''stuffed animal rhinoceros''' won for Roshanara by {{n|Kevin|Breeman}} at the Stardust Fair on the holodeck on SD 239011.03. Named "Charger" by Breeman, the rhino mostly hangs out around Roshanara's office in Main Engineering.
*A '''pirate's hook''' given to her by the ''Garuda'' Engineering Department in acknowledgement acknowledgment of her performance as Captain Hook in a ''Peter Pan'' pantomime presented to the crew on DS17 in early 2391.
*A '''heavy pewter model of the ''Phoenix''''', Zefram Cochrane's warp ship, given to her as a gift from her teacher Obaid Amir upon her acceptance to Starfleet Academy and the [[Starfleet Engineering School]] in 2374.
* '''Favorite [[Rodulan swuit stick|Swuit Stick]] Flavor''': [ Breshen]
[[File:Charger.jpg|thumb|200px|"Charger," mascot for the Engineering Department]]
* '''Hobbies''': Reading, writing, pocket billiards, playing pranks on people
* '''Spouse''': None
** '''Significant Other''': [[Tristam Core]], a [[Rodulan]] Starfleet engineer
* '''Children''': None biologically
** [[Tasnim Shandres]], {{age|2377|11|19}}-year-old [[Kriosian]]/[[Betazoid]] daughter of Ki and [[Roshanara Shandres (alternate)|Roshanara Shandres]] in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the [[Dominion War]]
:''See subpage for [[Roshanara Rahman/Relationships|full relationship listing]].''
{{LCARS-bar-heading|Early Life and Starfleet Career|370|COLOR=maroon|clear}}
[[File:Rahman-2371.jpg|thumb|left|200px|14-year-old Roshanara in [[SIM: LtCmdr Roshanara Rahman: Little Girl, Big Dreams|2371]]]]
Roshanara Rahman was born on SD 235612.15 on Moselina IV, a busy trade stop located near Krios Prime, the [[Kriosian]] homeworld. Her birth parents gave their newborn up for adoption. A human couple, Issam and Najwa Rahman, took in the child as their own (and only) daughter.
===[[Roshanara Rahman/Invicta|Aboard the USS ''Invicta'' , USS ''Syracuse'', and USS ''SyracuseVenture'']]===
|align=center width=150|{{Logo|USS Invicta|120|link=Roshanara Rahman/Invicta}}
|align=center|{{Logo|USS Syracuse|120|link=Roshanara Rahman/Invicta}}
|[[File:Saber-scale.png|link=Roshanara Rahman/Invicta]]
|align=center width=150|{{Logo|USS Venture|x120|link=Roshanara Rahman/Venture}}
|[[File:Constitution-scale.png|link=Roshanara Rahman/Venture]]
* '''Supplementary Data File:''' [[Roshanara Rahman/Invicta|Personal Record from SD 239206.19 to SD 239308239312.05]]
===[[Roshanara Rahman/VentureVeritas|Aboard the USS ''VentureVeritas'']]===
|align=center width=150|{{Logo|USS VentureVeritas|x120|link=Roshanara Rahman/VentureVeritas}}|[[File:ConstitutionVeritas-scale.png|link=Roshanara Rahman/VentureVeritas]]
* '''Supplementary Data File:''' [[Roshanara Rahman/VentureVeritas|Personal Record from SD 239309 onwards239312.06 to Present]]
|style="background:indianred;" width="10"|
|[[Roshanara Rahman/VentureVeritas|Aboard USS ''VentureVeritas'']]
|style="background:indianred;" width="10"|
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