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Ronin class

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*'''Commissioning Date:''' 2378
The ''Ronin''-class was fielded in the 2370's to provide a smaller, more numerous counterpart to the ''[[nama:Sovereign_class|Sovereign]]''-class. Whereas the similarly designed ''Kelvin''-class was better armed and more geared towards exploration, the ''Ronin'' was designed with more of a scientific bent. The design was intended to parallel that of the ''Sovereign''-class as closely as possible in order to allow for many identical systems to be installed in both classes; this has resulted in significant improvements in the design and construction processes for the ''Ronin''-class and thus allowed comparatively high numbers to be fielded. Compared to the ''Sovereign''-class, the ''Ronin'' has a more compact shape - the engineering hull is integrated directly to the saucer section, a measure which saves some 200 square meters of interior volume and materials.
The major difference in capability is the addition of a prominent housing aft of the saucer section of the ''Ronin''-class. This enables the vessel to carry any one of a variety of special equipment pods - current models include a high capacity sensor pod, an enhanced weapons pod, a colony transport pod, an emergency field hospital unit, or a science laboratory pod. Although the basic ''Ronin'' design has approximately 80% of the capability of a ''Sovereign''-class vessel in most areas, the addition of the mission pod brings that figure up to 95% or more in that specific area. This flexibility actually allows the ''Ronin'' design to accomplish almost identical missions despite its smaller size.
*'''USS Samurai'''
*'''USS Tiber'''
*'''[[USS Discovery-B]]:''' NCC-31929-B;

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