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John Nugra

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|5-year Member|1
|James T. Kirk Cross|1
|Chief's Citation Award|1
{{Ribbons Rack|LABEL=Service Ribbons
{{Citation|James T. Kirk Cross|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
{{Citation|Laudean Commendation|239306.22|USS Doyle-A|[[Doyle Award Ceremony, 2016]].}}
{{Citation|Chief's Citation Award|239306.28|USS Doyle-A|For exemplary work in the community as a staff member.}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|238008.04|Starfleet Academy Equiv.|Graduating Equivalent Academy (Gorn Space Navy)}}

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