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John Nugra

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Unfortunately, these were fake memories imprinted on [[Nugra|Colonel Nugra]] by [[The Dream Master (Doyle-A)|an alien entity called the Dream Master in a dream world.]] Colonel Nugra died in the process of freeing the Dream Master from a parasitic entity. The alien being created John Nugra as a thank you to the Gorn and the crew of the USS Doyle.
Having many of the memories and experiences of Colonel Nugra, John Nugra is the Gorn's soul filtered through a human emotional schema. John knows he's not the original Nugra. <!--Starfleet Command ruled in their hearing that John Nugra was a separate individual and as such would not be afforded the rank and position that the previous person did. In turn, though, he was provided the rank of Lieutenant and given the option to transfer anywhere in Starfleet he wished. John chose to remain aboard the {{USS|Doyle|A}} as a security officer. -->
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