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John Nugra

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|NAME = John Nugra
|SHIP = USS Doyle-A
|RANK = Lieutenant
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|POST = Security
|COLOR = Gold
|SPECIES = Human
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHPLACE = Great Falls, Montana
|IMAGE = JohnNugra.png
|AUTHOR = V238008N10
|EXTRA = {{s|John Nugra|Medical Record}}

'''Lieutenant John Nugra''' is a Security Officer on the {{USS|Doyle|A}}.

* '''Height:''' 5'5"
* '''Weight:''' 177lbs.
* '''Hair:''' Brown
* '''Eyes:''' Gray
* '''Build:''' Athletic
* '''Handedness:''' Left


When it comes to beginnings, it is very difficult for John Nugra to explain it to people. For everything that he feels and remembers, he was born in Great Falls, Montana on the planet earth and later moved with his family to Reverie Rock, Montana. There he lived the majority of his life, marrying a young woman from the community and creating the largest cattle ranch within a thousand miles.

The issue though with this was that it was all a fake memory brought on by being really [[Nugra|Colonel Nugra]] and being [[The Dream Master (Doyle-A)|trapped in a dream world created by an alien entity]]. Colonel Nugra died in the process John Nugra found himself awake and in the lower decks of [[Deep Space 285]].

Having all the memories and experiences of Colonel Nugra, John Nugra's was the sum of all that experience filtered through a human emotional schema creating who he is. John knows he's not the [[Gorn]] Nugra, but in a way, he is at the same time.

Starfleet Command ruled in their hearing that John Nugra was a separate individual and as such would not be afforded the rank and position that the previous person did. In turn though, he was provided the rank of Lieutenant and given the option to transfer anywhere in Starfleet he wished. John chose to remain aboard the {{USS|Doyle|A}} as a security officer.

{{Heading|Service History|Gold}}

|HEADERTITLE=Service Record
|{{PersonalHistoryListing|Ensign|Gold|Standard|239306.20|Present|Security Officer|SHIP=''USS Doyle-A''}}

{{Heading|Awards, Service Ribbons, & Badges|Gold}}

===Service Ribbons & Annual Awards===
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{Awards Header}}
{{Citation|B-Plot Award|238012.22|USS Victory|Awarded for back-story involving his brother Morg.}}
{{Citation|B-Plot Award|238112.01|USS Victory|Given for the Sub-plot "Treason of the Crown".}}
{{Citation|TOSMA|238301.17|USS Victory|For continued improvement of the simming style and character.}}
{{Citation|Natasha Yar Pin|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|Named Security officer of the Year (Duty Post Award) for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect the crew and the ship.}}
{{Citation|Neelix Award|238912.24|USS Thunder-A|For selflessly helping out members of the crew to improve their simming quality and standing in the fleet.}}
{{Citation|Genesis Badge|239012.25|USS Thunder-A|For great improvement in simming ability.}}
{{Citation|Rising Star Award|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
{{Citation|James T. Kirk Cross|239201.01|USS Victory|[[Awards Ceremony, 2014|2014 Ceremony]].}}
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|{{Badge|Featured Bio Nominee|80}}
|{{Badge|Silver Excellence in Training|80}}
|{{Badge|Top Sim Judge|80}}
|{{Badge|FWPA Facilitator|80}}
|{{Badge|Deputy Commandant|80}}
|{{Badge|Fall Festival Team|80}}
|{{Badge|Publicity Team|80}}
|{{Badge|Captains Council Magistrate|80}}

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