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Kasema Dowupa

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|SPECIES = Betazoid
|GENDER = Female
* '''Build''': Petite.
{{Heading|RelationshipsFamily|Teal}}<!--Whom does your character get on with or not get on with? For now*'''Parents:''' Rona and Mila Dowupa, pick one member of your current crew aged 47 and enter their name below49 respectively.*'''Siblings:''' Pipuml, brother, then describe the nature of your characteraged 8 (nickname Pip) and Sanusa, sister, aged 12*'''Spouse:''' None*'''Children:'''s relationship with them.None
* [[(Name of character)]]{{Heading|Chronological History|Teal}}(Description Here)-->Her parents were genetically bonded, growing up with each other and finding themselves growing to care for one another. Soon after their marriage, they had Kasema. Kasema had a bright and happy childhood, and she always found herself attempting to help out others no matter what, a smile on her face. She used to imagine going off to explore deep jungles and unknown planets, trying to understand the new societies and how the people there would work. She had always been interested in psychology, from around 12 or so.
Sanusa was born when Kasema was around 10 or 11. Four years later, Pipuml was born as well. She loved her siblings very much, and sometimes watched over them for her parents when she could. She had missed her family when she enrolled in Starfleet, but was quickly swept into her studies. She did excellent in languages, particularly Klingon oddly enough. She didn't have much of a head for Engineering, just for the basics, but she managed well enough.
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