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Tahlin Alse

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* '''Hair''': Brown
* '''Eyes''':Blue
Elegant, whimsical, but also slightly aloof and hieratic, Tahl has a brisk, indomitable manner who is never waylaid in deed and action though his inner contemplations reveal this is something of a front. While hardly cold or anti-social, Tahl values professionalism and can sometimes been seen as unsympathetic with his focus on the task at hand. Cultivated and tailored, Tahl’s glossy and cut-glass exterior masks everything else about him. Most will find that they know incredibly little about him personally and he rarely volunteers information about himself. He is a man who has an incredible amount of self-awareness in regard to his strengths and weaknesses, sometimes to the point of arrogance or self-deprecation. He constantly makes reference to the fact that he is a physics specialist but has proven time and again that his skills and considerable amount of background knowledge are much broader than he lets on, such as his ‘knack’ for electrical systems.
Tahl is surprisingly at home in large crowds of people, especially formal functions, dinners and assemblies. He’s a great dancer, master of small talk and a fabulous dinner companion. This probably came about from growing up among diplomats and being expected to attend entire seasons of social events with his parents from the time he was a small child. Perhaps growing up in these sometimes vapid and hollow diplomatic, aristocratic and elite circles stunted his development in more meaningful relationships outside of his family.
While his quarters leave little indication of his interests or personal history, Tahl has very diverse interests to compliment his diverse skill set. He is a champion fencer, a student of history, an accomplished velocity player, a prolific journal writer and likes to press flowers, having a large collection of dried flowers.