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Doyle-A Crew History/Sciences Division

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{{Old Officer|Lt. Commander|Aigle Phos|Blue|239207.13 - {{Stardate|2015|11|20}}|STYLE=DS9|NOTES=Formerly Science Officer.}}
{{Post|Blue|Asst. Chief of Science}}
{{New Officer|Lt. Commander|Tsuki Kazeyama|Blue|239211.19 - Present239303.01|STYLE=DS9|NOTES=New Primary of [[User:Ceciri|Ceciri]].LOA, returned as [[Ceciri Hakashri]]}}
{{Post|Blue|Science Officer}}
{{New Officer|Ensign|Saavei|Blue|239211.03 - Present|STYLE=DS9}}
{{Old Officer|Ensign|Alana Larson|Blue|239209.17 - 239211.16|STYLE=DS9|NOTES=Returned from LOA. AWOL.}}
{{Old Officer|Lieutenant|Aigle Phos|Blue|239206.09 - 239207.13|STYLE=DS9|NOTES=Returned from LOA. Promoted to Chief of Science.}}
{{Old Officer|Lieutenant JG|Shirazi Myrta|Blue|239205.03 - 239208.16|STYLE=DS9|NOTES=New Primary of Li Quihui. Went on LOA. Retired.}}
{{CrewHistory End}}
{{ID subpages note}}
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