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<center>[[Image:Tribbles and Strife.jpg|600px]]<br>
''"What harm could several thousand tribbles and their owners do the quadrant's largest Starbase?" ~Lt Commander Theo Whittaker''</center>
<center>''"Owning a tribble is like owning an eye of harmony. And eye of perfect, all seeing, fur covered harmony." -Anseidora Dorfmann Keynote Speech''</center>
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| [[Image:MovieTribbles.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Tribbles and cocktails, popular together since 2285]]In late 2392 the Federation News Service announced StarBase 118 would be the location for the Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention 2393. Due to the popular nature of tribbles and the high quantity of VIPs attending the conference, Commander Taybrim asked his senior staff to attend the conventions' opening gala as a show of support.
[[Image:BucketOTribbles.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Sickbay is suddenly overrun with tribbles]]The first on the scene fell prey to the weaponized tribbles, succumbing to the same malady as Anseidora Dorfmann. With Starfleet personnel suddenly collapsing, the remaining guests started to panic. Lt. Commander [[Baylen Anders]] and Major [[Dal,_Ishreth|Ishreth Dal]] both fell to the weaponized tribbles, with many others following. Dr. [[Liani]] quickly deduced that the tribbles had both a poisonous sting and a purr that depressed neural functions driving the afflicted into a deep coma. Meanwhile security and operations teams reported that the weaponized tribbles has gotten into the kitchen and were eating (and breeding) out of control!
[[Image:TribbleTable.jpg|150px|thumb|right|How can we get rid of all these tribbles?]]With a viable containment solution planned, both the Ops hub and the marines worked together to clear the station of tribbles while the security and diplomatic teams did double duty in evacuating civilians from the areas of tribble containment and searching for the perpetrator of this tribble violence. Medical teams were able to devise a solid treatment for both the tribble poison and the tribble purr and went about administering treatment to the afflicted.

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