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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Never Mix Your Drinks

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Act III: Let's Blow This Joint
''"Rixx. A Rodulan crimelord, and a smooth operator in the Orion Syndicate. Notorious for living by the rules of profit and murder. He was supposedly killed when the Syndicate was targeted by Starfleet years ago. But the body was never found, and Rixx was never confirmed as arrested or dead."''</center>
{{LCARS Section Heading|[[Federation News Service|FNS Headlines]]|grey}}
* [ StarBase 118 Investigates Destruction of the SS Annabelle's Lament] - (STARBASE 118 – StarBase 118 has been drawn into a web of intrigue while investigating the destruction of the freighter SS Annabelle’s Lament.)
* [ StarBase 118 Uncovers Terrorist Plot] - (STARBASE 118 — While investigating a destroyed freighter, Starfleet teams have discovered a terrible explosive combination that threatens the entire sector.)
* [ Romulan Terrorists Target StarBase 188 Ops] - (STARBASE 118 — A Romulan terrorist group calling themselves the Ralaaram Ocala seeks to cripple StarBase 118 with homemade explosives.)
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== Act I: It's Never a Simple Drink ==
<center>''"I've drank every backwater swill, fine liquor, homemade ale, and expensive wine this side of the Gamma Quadrant. And I have never heard of Golden Dew." -Lt Commander Udas''</center>
{| style="width:75%" border='0'
| [[Image:AntaresClass.jpg|150px|thumb|left|The SS Annabelle's Lament]]After a series of harrowing missions, the crew of StarBase 118 enjoys an extended shore leave while Captain [[Leo Handley-Page]] takes a sabbatical to look into the bizarre mutations affecting his family and Byzallian friends. Executive officer Lt. Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] is relaxing off duty in [[Keal's Pub]] with Lt Commander [[Kaitlyn Falcon]] and Lieutenant JG [[Rocko Stevens]] when they are introduced to Gold Dew - an unusual and expensive new liquor that has the unique property of enhancing any flavor it is paired with. The bartender at the pub says that the liquor is a hot commodity and it's hard for him to get shipments in because so many people are buying it up.
! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1968949 msg/sb118-ops/zTX--iSVGIo/lxgD0D2JrQUJ Briefing]
| Briefing Sim
[[Image:Zel Rohan.png|150px|thumb|left|The mysterious stowaway Zel Rohan]]The investigation into the destruction of the Annabelle's Lament pushed forward with Dr. [[Solok]] finding that they are short one corpse - the freighter's first officer a Flaxian named [[Drin Jerol]] is mysteriously missing. The mystery deepens when Ambassador [[Nia Calderan]] and Diplomat {{n|Trel'lis}} call Drin Larel to inform her that her husband died and she informs them back that her husband has been dead for seven years. She tells them he was killed while gambling at Spaceport Miranda VII, which raises many suspicions for the crew of StarBase 118 Ops.
Science and Engineering teams are finding their own mysteries. After Commander Taybrim meets with Professor Nathanius Strekk to discuss the apparent evils of Gold Dew, he finds that the alcohol can be combined with certain chemicals for an explosive reaction. Turning over this information to the science and engineering teams, they quickly find that Gold Dew could be combined with one of the terraforming fertilizers - calcium trisulfanese - the Annabelle's Lament was carrying to form 'sticky bombs' - a form of plastic explosive that can be detonated by a phaser beam, disruptor blast or energy surge. Further investigation reveals the sabotage was intentional, as the Gold Dew and the calcium trisulfanese would not have been able to freely mix with standard cargo containment (and even if it did the explosion would have been debilitating but not total destruction). Chief Engineer [[Kellan Joran]] theorizes that some of the sticky bombs were planted on critical engineering junctions which would activate as soon as the Lament cleared the cargobase and jumped to warp.
Intelligence immediately starts to investigate the evidence found on the Lament, and what they find spells danger for both StarBase 118 and the Trinity sector. A corporation called Emerald Dragon Enterprises has been buying large quantities of both calcium trisulfanese and Gold Dew. Emerald Dragon Enterprises is run by a wealthy Romulan merchant named Lhara Khota. At first glance it appears to be a completely legitimate company, but with deeper digging the crew finds that Khota and Emerald Dragon Enterprises have ties to the [[Ralaaram Ocala]]. An immediate plan is put into place to dig out this weapons dealing, before it puts tons of hard to track explosives into the hands of Romulan terrorists. All evidence point to the Miranda VII Spaceport being the site of the next trade.
! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1977246 msg/sb118-ops/hVrZzU6zSvA/jwFRHXkQK_gJ Lt Com. Taybrim and Prof. Strekk - Explosive Research]
| Professor Strekk shows Commander Taybrim just how dangerous Gold Dew can be
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1977331 msg/sb118-ops/y-o_EHXwMk0/O4CK0TIyJAAJ Lt. Commander Kaitlyn Falcon - The Extra Pip]
| Lt Commander Falcon formulates a plan to stop Rixx and the Syndicate
== ActIIIAct III: Let's Blow This Joint ==
<center>''::With each bomb that he found and dislodged, the task became easier. While the first one had taken the better part of a minute to pry lose, he found that by the time he got to this latest bomb, he could do get it off in under 20 seconds. He had made it a bit of contest with himself to keep getting faster. Not sloppier, just faster. He could take apart a phaser in the same time. One of the best in the unit. Marines took pride in their abilities.:: -Quintius Raisilius''</center>
[[Image:Miranda7Spaceport.jpg|150px|thumb|right|The Miranda VII Spaceport]]Kaitlyn Falcon gathered a team of Lieutenant [[Richard Matthews]], Lieutenant {{n|R'raika|Voss}} and the newly posted Ensigns [[Braylin Winters]] and [[Trellis Vondaryan]] to head with her to the [[Miranda VII Spaceport]]. They commandeered the abandoned small craft ISV Valor in plainclothes to pull off a hopefully covert mission.
Meanwhile Engineer [[Cadfael Peters]] and Dr. Pon Pon struggled to clear the last of the escaped zoo animals from the Starbase, fending off a groups of enraged wildcats, and sickbay had its own struggles as a wounded Lieutenant {{n|Trel'lis}} was delivered to sickbay after her own investigation into the Jenatris Confederation went horribly awry, and Ambassador Nia Calderan had to make the difficult call on whether or not to spare Seth Ralston's life knowing the assassin suffered brain damage from close range phaser fire and disruptor overload in his attempt to escape or to let him pass away. In the end she ordered Dr. {{n|Theran|Jos}} to complete brain surgery and spare Ralston, pending psychiatric incarceration and review.
! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1984552 msg/sb118-ops/LVBQlwwnIME/1HONK7SoBQAJ 2nd Lt Raisillius -- Hard Choices]
| Up close and personal with the bomb team
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1984365 msg/sb118-ops/1AjYO5dHECs/lnRAXTbpAQAJ MSNPC Khota - Everything Set]
| The Business Deal from the perspective of Emerald Dragon Enterprises
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1984216 msg/sb118-ops/_-xI7LlwOS8/T3WeZUiOAgAJ MSNPCs Khota and Ledds - Business Meetings]
| The Business Deal from the perspective of the Jenatris Confederation
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1985136 msg/sb118-ops/ywFkIpRWoUA/2-n5JI9sCQAJ Lt. Commander Kaitlyn Falcon - The Improvised Trap]
| How Commander Falcon's team won the day
|Joined from the Academy 239210.01
|{{n|Kellan Joran}}
|Chief Engineering Officer
|Left the fleet 239208.27
|Science Specialist
|Transferred from {{USS|Doyle|A}}; Left the fleet 239208.27
|Formerly Clayas Vell, took LOA 239209.07
! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Award Ceremony Sims
! style="width:200px;"|[httphttps://simsgroups.starbase118google.netcom/postsd/1986224 msg/sb118-ops/_vi-pay--xs/mTVGO6n9BwAJ Honors]
| The Never Mix Your Drinks Mission Awards Ceremony
File:TrellisToon1.jpg|Trel'lis decides to fend off terrorists from sickbay by herself
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