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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Tribbles and Strife

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| [[Image:MovieTribbles.jpg|150px|thumb|rightleft|Tribbles and cocktails, popular together since 2285]]In late 2392 the Federation News Service announced StarBase 118 would be the location for the Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention 2393. Due to the popular nature of tribbles and the high quantity of VIPs attending the conference, Commander Taybrim asked his senior staff to attend the conventions' opening gala as a show of support.
The crew arrived in full dress uniforms, meeting a variety of important figures including Federation Secretary [[Thoris P'Trell]], Fleet Captain [[Assia Hanno]],and Dr. [[Erminio Fesk]] from the Federation bureau for animal control. The festivities were in full swing, with the tribble fanciers in high spirits but many of the tribble breeders indulging in underhanded insults and low-key rivalries. This included a spat between tribble biologist Fresk Sondarlon and his ex-wife (and convention planner) Lady Shali.

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