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Is everything perfect? Probably not, but I messed with it enough that it looks OK now.
[[Image:Miranda7Spaceport.jpg|150px|thumb|right|The Miranda VII Spaceport]]Kaitlyn Falcon gathered a team of Lieutenant [[Richard Matthews]], Lieutenant {{n|R'raika|Voss}} and the newly posted Ensigns [[Braylin Winters]] and [[Trellis Vondaryan]] to head with her to the Miranda VII Spaceport. They commandeered the abandoned small craft ISV Valor in plainclothes to pull off a hopefully covert mission.
Meanwhile Engineer [[Cadfael Peters]] and Dr. Pon Pon struggled to clear the last of the escaped zoo animals from the Starbase, fending off a groups of enraged wildcats, and sickbay had its own struggles as a wounded Lieutenant {{n|Trel'lis}} was delivered to sickbay after her own investigation into the Jenatris Confederation went horribly awry, and Ambassador Nia Calderan had to make the difficult call on whether or not to spare Seth Ralston's life knowing the assassin suffered brain damage from close range phaser fire and disruptor overload in his attempt to escape or to let him pass away. In the end she ordered Dr. [[{{n|Theran |Jos]] }} to complete brain surgery and spare Ralston, pending psychiatric incarceration and review.
While the crew at the Ops hub worried about the state of the away team, Lieutenant Peters cut through with a disturbing discovery - someone had planted sticky bombs in the maintenance conduits in Ops. They would have never found them if they hadn't been chasing escaped zoo animals. Ops went on yellow alert, assembling bomb teams led by newly stationed marine {{nQuintusn|Quintus Lucius|Raisillius]] }} and returning officer Lt. Commander [[Ian West]]. Security, including newly arrived Ensign [[Freya Andersen]] set out to find out who had planted the bombs, but the undercover agent T'Val showed her hand when she tried to take sickbay hostage. Quick action by the bomb teams and Lieutenant {{n|Trel'lis}} liberated sickbay and saved the station from any undue explosions. Commander West was able to synthesize a material that would render the sticky bombs inert, allowing secondary teams to sweep the station, deactivating any further traces of the sticky bombs.
On Miranda VII Spaceport Commander Falcon's team was successful in busting a major bomb materials deal between the Jenatris Confederation and Emerald Dragon Enterprises, resulting in almost a dozen arrests, including Lhara Khota. They also captured a Flaxian calling himself Drin Jerol; but investigation quickly proved he was Dakra Ledds, an underling of Jerol's who had been set up. The team returned home with all of the impounded cargo and arrested criminals as station security confirmed the end of the bomb threat and returned the last of the wild animals to their cages.

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