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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Tribbles and Strife

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The gala and convention center were quickly evacuated as the injured were beamed to sickbay and a tribble quarantine was put into place. Newly arrived Dr. [[Mirra Ezo]] and Counselor [[Zinna]] headed to sickbay to assist Dr. Liani in treating the tribble-induced comas while Marine Captain [[Tatash]] brought in his marines to help with tribble containment.
Dr. Liani was able to synthesize a Klingon pheremone that could effectively repeal and contain the tribbles while Drs. Ezo and Zinna crafted an antitoxin to the weaponized tribbles' poisonous sting. They then grouped together with neurosurgeon [[Jos,_Theran|Theran Jos]] to correct the neurochemical imbalance (and resulting coma) caused by the tribbles' purr.
On the containment side, Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] returned to the Ops hub with Lt. Commander [[Kaitlyn Falcon]] and Lieutenant JG [[Cadfael Peters]] to meet with newly arrived Lieutenant JG [[Antero Flynn]] to work on a containment solution. They were able to erect a tribble containment in a cargobay and liaising with Dr. Liani were able to find a way to get a transporter lock on the tribbles so they could remove any weaponized tribbles from quarantine to the containment area. Assisting them, Lt. Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] and Lieutenant JG [[Rocko Stevens]] Headed to the StarBase 118 promenade, to carefully evacuated selected civilian areas to extend the quarantine as the weaponized tribbles moved through the station's air vents.

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