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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/Tribbles and Strife

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''"What harm could several thousand tribbles and their owners do the quadrant's largest Starbase?" ~Lt Commander Theo Whittaker''</center>
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== Act I: Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention 2393 Comes to Town ==
<center>''"Owning a tribble is like owning an eye of harmony. And eye of perfect, all seeing, fur covered harmony." -Anseidora Dorfmann Keynote Speech''</center>
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== Act II: Who In Their Right Mind Weaponizes Tribbles?==
However disaster struck when <center>''"Want to tell me what's going on here...? Or should I just get the smelling salts..." -Dr. Mirra Ezo''</center> <br> {| style="width:83%" border='0'| [[Image:MBucketOTribbles.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Sickbay is suddenly overrun with tribbles]]The first on the key note speakerscene fell prey to the weaponized tribbles, succumbing to the same malady as Anseidora Dorfmann. With Starfleet personnel suddenly collapsing, the remaining guests started acting strangely to panic. Lt. Commander [[Baylen Anders]] and Major [[Ishreth Dal]] both fell to the weaponized tribbles, with many others following. Dr. [[Liani]] quickly deduced that the tribbles had both a poisonous sting and a purr that depressed neural functions driving the afflicted into a deep coma. Meanwhile security and operations teams reported that the weaponized tribbles has gotten into the kitchen and were eating (and breeding) out of control! The gala and convention center were quickly evacuated as the injured were beamed to sickbay and collapsed on stage a tribble quarantine was put into place. Newly arrived Dr. [[Mirra Ezo]] and Counselor [[Zinna]] headed to sickbay to assist Dr. Liani in treating the tribble-induced comas while Marine Captain [[Tatash]] brought in his marines to help with tribble containment.  Dr. Liani was able to synthesize a Klingon pheremone that could effectively repeal and contain the middle of her speechtribbles while Drs. Immediately afterwards Ezo and Zinna crafted an alarm rang out: there antitoxin to the weaponized tribbles' poisonous sting. They then grouped together with neurosurgeon [[Theran Jos]] to correct the neurochemical imbalance (and resulting coma) caused by the tribbles' purr. On the containment side, Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] returned to the Ops hub with Lt. Commander [[Kaitlyn Falcon]] and Lieutenant JG [[Cadfael Peters]] to meet with newly arrived Lieutenant JG [[Antero Flynn]] to work on a containment solution. They were able to erect a tribble containment in a cargobay and liaising with Dr. Liani were unsterilized able to find a way to get a transporter lock on the tribbles loose on so they could remove any weaponized tribbles from quarantine to the containment area. Assisting them, Lt. Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] and Lieutenant JG [[Rocko Stevens]] Headed to the StarBase 118 promenade, to carefully evacuated selected civilian areas to extend the quarantine as the weaponized tribbles moved through the station 's air vents. Meanwhile, Ensign [[Freya Andersen]], Lieutenant JG [[Trellis Vondaryan]] and even worseLieutenant {{n|Trel'lis}} started questioning the various guests present at the Tribble gala. Ensign Andersen started an indepth investigation, tracking several major suspects including Tribble biologist Fresk Sondarlon, Tribble vendor Madame Lurtz and Tribble breeder Boris Malinov.  <center>{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" style="width:80%" align="center" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" "! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Tremendously Toxic Tribble Torment] | StarBase 118's Paladin's marine force are called in to contain... tribbles|- ! They were poisonousstyle="width:200px;"|[ Dang Dirty Tribbles] | An overview of the containment effort|- !style="width:200px;"|[ In Deep Tribble] | Boris Malinov tries to escape from a plan gone horribly wrong|- |}</center>
The crew immediately mobilized to evacuate == Act III: Bald Tribbles?==<center>''"He was the convention center and contain one I picked up from the tribbles. Newly arrived Dr. Liani banquet hall and Dr. Ezo started treating patients stricken by these weaponized tribbles. Dr. Liani also synthesized a Klingon pheremone spray to contain was instrumental in ending the tribellious tribilations of tribblingly tribblesome tribbles, which was employed by Marine Captain Tatash and the Paladins strike forcesir. Meanwhile Commander Taybrim:: She played this last line straight, Lieutenant Peters, and Lt Commander Falcon headed even her antenna didn’t twitch in time to the Ops hub along with newly transferred Lieutenant Flynn to start tribble continent in coordination with the marine corpswords that tribbled off her tongue. ::" -Dr.Liani''</center>
Security started to investigate who may have planted and created the weaponized tribbles and tracked clues back to the most likely suspect: rival tribble breeder Boris Malinov. Malinov escaped from the space station, but Security continue to track him. Meanwhile the tribbles were rounded up into a cargo bay, and medical teams administered a de-weaponization treatment which had the side effect of rendering the tribbles hairless.<br>
Dr. Liani tattooed the hairless tribbles and sold them as novelties at the convention. Afterwards the station finished tribble clean up, and enjoyed a party thrown by Lt Commander Theo Whittaker, and a promotions ceremony before they focused their efforts into tracking down Boris Malinov and finding out what organization he was connected to and why he created weaponized tribbles.last act summary
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