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how many people died? 65 people died. Typos kill, friends.
After a series of harrowing missions, the crew of StarBase 118 enjoys an extended shore leave while Captain [[Leo Handley-Page]] takes a sabbatical to look into the bizarre mutations affecting his family and Byzallian friends. Executive officer Lt. Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] is relaxing off duty in [[Keal's Pub]] with Lt Commander [[Kaitlyn Falcon]] and Lieutenant JG [[Rocko Stevens]] when they are introduced to Gold Dew - an unusual and expensive new liquor that has the unique property of enhancing any flavor it is paired with. The bartender at the pub says that the liquor is a hot commodity and it's hard for him to get shipments in because so many people are buying it up.
What starts as a simple drink becomes a major conspiracy when the Federation freighter [[SS Annabelle's Lament]] explodes just out of the Miranda VII Spaceport Geneva VI Cargobase killing all 65 passengers and crew onboard. It was carrying a full shipment of Gold Dew, as well as various terraforming chemicals.

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