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SB118Ops Mission Logs/Sal Taybrim/All Time High

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Part of the 2016 Fleet Wide Plot Arc: Boris Malinov's body is discovered impaled on a steel pole and stuck to a wall on Tilanna V, a neutral world know for its governmental corruption along the Federation-Klingon Border. Anjunaar City Police Department officer Senior Inspector Gilora Jemet fears that her investigation will be hampered by corrupt officers and agrees to Starfleet assistance after speaking to the planetary Governor, Al'Akir.
On 239302.05 the [[USS Aegis]] Launches under the Command of Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] and Lt. Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] to investigate the drug and lend aid to the Government. After and uprising and bad crime rampage Lt. JG [[Mirra Ezo]] and Lt. Commander [[Baylen Anders]] beam down with Major Dal and a Mobile Sickbay in hopes of delivering Medical Aide. Lt. JG [[Antero Flynn]] picked out an impounded shuttle and ground craft ship to use as a transport. Lt. Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] will be leading an away team to Tilanni.{{Sb118Ops}}
~*~<center>[[Image:All Time High.jpg|600px]]<br>''ATH... that abominable abbreviation that seemed to crop up in every meeting he'd attended for the last several weeks. A new drug, predictably appearing out of the blue with not a single shred of history, any other investigation stalling to a halt as the tendrils of the corrupt brought the gears of justice to a shuddering halt.''</center>
Following a short shore leave, SB118 Ops received word from the independent planet Tilanna V that their authorities found Boris Malinov murdered. Tilanna V is a border world, unclaimed by any particular authority. Commander Taybrim agreed to investigate and they prepared the USS Aegis for launch.<br>
En route to Tilanna V the Aegis found that there was more than met the eye to the situation because once Starfleet involvement was made public on Tilanna, the criminal elements attacked and rioted on the Governor's offices and political institutions in the capitol city Anjunaar. It became clear that the criminals were holding the government hostage so the Aegis prepared a focused Marine SWAT team under the command of Major Tatash to break up the situation before deploying a mobile sickbay to lend aid to the injured.{{LCARS Section Heading|[[Federation News Service|FNS Headlines]]|#7DF9FF}}
Both the riots and Malinov's murder made it clear that Tilanna * [ Street Drugs Complicate Murder Investigation on Neutral World] (TILANNA V was being held in the vicious grips a criminal organization calling itself "The Jenatris Confederation." The Jenatris Confederation is responsible for spreading officers of Starbase 118 Operations have uncovered a dangerous street drug called All Time High (ATH) throughout Tilanna. Many web of the rioters were corruption on the drug when they attacked the capitol, and when treated many did not remember what happened in the attacksTilanna V during a joint investigation with local authorities. )
With the government hostage situation cleared the Aegis sent down several teams* [https: A medical team to // treat those addicted to ATH - liaising with the Aegis to find a cure for the deadly tilanna-fights-back-against-corruption-and-drug; an intel team to investigate Malinov's murder -trade/ With Starfleet Help Tilanna Fights Back Against Corruption and a security team led by Lt Commander Theo Whittaker investigating the Jenatris Confederation. The intel team found that Malinov was murdered by someone on the police force and that there was terrible Drug Trade] - (TILANNA V – After battling against corruption in the Anjunaar government and law enforcement. Whittaker's team found that the head of the Jenatris confederation was a criminal named Janker who had connections terrorism, investors are now turning their eyes once more to [[Nacien Rixx]] (the man who sold explosive to the Romulan terrorists that blew up the Annabelle's Lamentformer mining planet.) and back to a suspected criminal merchant who set up shop on SB118!
Meanwhile as the crew of the USS Aegis work to sift through information and put the pieces together, they are hailed by a Klingon Vor'cha class cruiser and find out that Al'Akir, governor of Tilanna V has petitioned the Klingon Empire for membership*[http://www.starbase118. Fortunately the communication between the Aegis and the net/2016/plot-ops-april-2016/ Starbase 118 Ops shuts down crime syndicate; battles holographic Klingons is productive .] - (TILANNA V - the Federation was not looking to admit Tilanna, and both sides can benefit from sharing information about ATH and the Jenatris Confederation. The Aegis is able crew of Starbase 118 Operations returned home this week after putting an end to forge an alliance with Ambassador Dempok one of the Klingon Empire in the interest of eliminating the Jenatris Confederation (an organization which is looking more and more like the Orion Syndicate..most dangerous drug cartels on Tilanna V.)
{{LCARS Section Heading|Mission Summary|#7DF9FF}} == Act I: A Suspicious Murder ==<center>''"My name is Dale Tucker and you are now on my ship. This fine vessel is known as 'Maximum Thrusters', though I will often refer to her as my 'Sweet Maxinne', Max'll do in a fix. She's a little rough around the edges but she gets the job done. There's only two rules on my ship: Don't go barfin, and nobody changes the music. Now strap in, and hold on tight. I reckon things are gonna get choppy." -Antero Flynn''</center><br>{| style="width:70%" border='0'| [[Image:Tilanna V.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Anjunaar megatropolis as seen from orbit around Tilanna V]]Boris Malinov's body is found, impaled on a steel pole and stuck to a wall on [[Tilanna V]]. Tilanna is an ex-Andorian colony, that was a haven for Cardassian refugees after the Dominion war. It is a neutral world along the Federation-Klingon Border, plagued by crime and corruption. Anjunaar City Police Department officer Senior Inspector [[Gilora Jemet]] fears that her investigation will be hampered by corrupt officers and agrees to Starfleet assistance after speaking to the planetary Governor, Al'Akir. Al'Akir contacts StarBase 118 to petition for help in solving the crime as Malinov is clearly connected to the base. Commander [[Sal Taybrim]] readily agrees to send aid, and his senior staff starts preparations. Tilanna V has strong atmospheric interference that prevents the use of transporters in most areas; and Starfleet presence is not especially welcome. Commander Taybrim orders Lt Commander [[Theo Whittaker]] to prepare an undercover, plainclothes away team. Lieutenant JG [[Antero Flynn]] heads to impound to select a suitable shuttle to be used for the mission. He selects the [[MFT Maximum Thrusters]], and prepares the shuttle for launch. As the [[USS Albion]] is still in repair dock after the beating she took against the [[USS Stormcrow]], the crew readies the [[USS Aegis]] for launch.  The Aegis arrives at Tilanna V without incident; however in the time it takes to make the journey to the planet the criminal forces on Tilanna have gleaned information that Al'Akir has called in Starfleet reinforcements. A massive riot breaks out in the capital, focused on the Governor's offices and other major governmental establishments. This includes a well-armed criminal militia fueled by combatants who are drugged up on All Time High. By the time the Aegis arrives, violence on the surface is at its peak. Major [[Tatash]] readies the Paladins for deployment and containment duty. They will be followed by the Archangels and a mobile sickbay unit that includes Lt Commander [[Baylen Anders]] and Dr. [[Mirra Ezo]]. Commander Whittaker's team boards Maximum Thrusters as the marines are deployed and the fight for Tilanna V begins. <center>{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" style="width:80%" align="center" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" "! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims|-! style="width:200px;"|[ All Time High Part I] | Boris Malinov is found dead on Tilanna V|-! style="width:200px;"|[ All Time High Part II] | An introduction to the corruption of Tilanna V|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Maximum Thrusters] | Sweet Maxine joins the line up of support vessels|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Riot Control] | The riots break out in Anjunaar City|-! style="width:200px;"|[ The Battle for Anjunaar Part 2] | Starfleet Marines deploy into the capital city.|-|}</center> == Act II: Corruption Lies Deep ==<center>''::The shots had stopped, aside from the occasional whump coming from inside the building as Raisillius cleared out the infestation internally, replaced by the far more unpleasant sounds of the wounded and dying. Some of the poor souls had lost their head coverings, revealing faces far too young to be playing such a deadly game. They were just criminals, addicts, kids that had fallen foul of life now being thrown against a deadly machine, for probably nothing more then the next hit of ATH or ‘street cred’:: -Major Tatash''</center><br> [[Image:Gilora Jemet.png|150px|thumb|left|Senior Inspector Gilora Jemet]]The Paladins are successful in quelling the riots on Tilanna V, but at a high cost. Nine marines lost their lives in the battle as well as countless members of the criminal militia. Worse, the incoming medical team quickly found that the majority of the criminal militia were drug addicts rather than hardcore criminals. The Archangels and Starfleet medical start work on a major medical relief effort, trying to save as many lives as possible. One early complication occurred when Commander Anders found an un-exploded ordinance stuck inside of a wounded man's chest. He was able to remove it, turning care of the injured over to Doctor Ezo.  Theo Whittaker's team landed in Anjunaar and rendezvoused with police inspector Gilora Jemet. From there two teams broke off: Lt Commander [[Tyler Kelly]] took Counselor {{n|Zinna}} and Lieutenant JG [[Freya Andersen]] to investigate Malinov's murder scene. There the team found evidence and an eyewitness account that Malinov was lured to the alleyway by an Orion female; but murdered by a dirty cop. Lieutenant [[Trellis Vondaryan]] took Lt Commander [[Rilem Danoel]] and probationary Ensign [[Zel Rohan]] to the Cardassian section of the city to investigate possible leads. They found that the criminal boss [[Janker]] runs his business out of a club called The Factory in the rich part of town. Their contact also led them in the direction of a dirty cop. Lt Commander Whittaker headed to The Factory with Lieutenant Flynn and Inspector Jemet, searching for clues. However Janker and the Jenatris Confederation took notice of the intrusion. Janker sent Mespha - the same Orion woman who lured Boris Malinov to a dark alleyway - in to lure the Starfleet officers into the back warehouse area of The Factory to be disposed of. On the USS Aegis the bridge crew is sifting through the records of Tilanna V, looking for further clues as to the core of the criminal corruption - and they turn up a mother lode of information. The current Police Commissioner of Anjunaar suddenly resigns and skips off Tilanna V due to the investigation and they are able to provide governor Al'Akir detailed evidence into several other corrupt officials. The investigation becomes interesting when the Vor'cha class IKS S’Tarahk approaches Tilanna V, beaming down a small diplomatic party. The Aegis soon learns that Governor Al'Akir has petitioned the Klingons for membership in the Empire, and in return the Klingons will help clear the corruption from the planet. However, Al'Akir has conveniently forgotten to tell them about Starfleet's presence and vice-versa. Fortunately when Commander Taybrim speaks directly to the leader of the Klingons, Ambassador Dempok, they find that Starfleet and the Klingons have little conflict over the system. The Federation denied Tilanna V membership some years ago, seeing it as a 'welfare case' - but the work Starfleet is doing to clean up Tilanna V will benefit Dempok by making the planet Theo viable for annexation. In turn, the Klingons will put focused effort into cleaning up the rooted criminal elements on Tilanna V; removing much of the spread of drugs and illegal weapons from the area which will greatly increase the safety of both Klingon and Federation territory. Taybrim and Dempok come to a mutually beneficial agreement, and form the beginnings of an alliance. Down on Anjunaar the marines retreat under threat of more violence to the civilian community if they continue to have a presence there. The criminals are certainly rattled by Starfleet involvement. The medical teams are marked as non-combatants and stay to find All Time High bonds with the brain chemistry, becoming a surrogate for many neurochemical processes. This means that addicts must be weaned off slowly in order to reteach their bodies how to do basic functions without the ATH in their system. This makes recovery very difficult. [[Arden Cain]], a civilian consultant on the Aegis is able to create a special nannite that will cleanse the body of ATH in a greatly reduced time. Doctor Ezo starts implementing this treatment finding that it will be a successful cure; but again it will take time - the authorities on Anjunaar will need to see the process through to completion without Starfleet's help. <center>{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" style="width:80%" align="center" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" "! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Unexpected Guest] | The Klingons come in peace to Tilanna V|-! style="width:200px;"|[ The Thin Line Between Right and Not So Right] | The cruel reality of ATH on Tilanna V|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Persistence is Not Futile] | Arden Cain creates a successful nannite counter-agent to ATH|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Appearances and Other Deceptions] | Commander Whittaker and allies inspect The Factory|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Coordinating Needs] | Commander Taybrim and Ambassador Dempok come to a mutually beneficial agreement|-|}</center> == Act III: An Explosive Conclusion ==<center>''::Intentionally taking a starship into an atmosphere? Something else to tick off the bucket list.:: -Kaitlyn Falcon''</center><br> [[Image:Anjunaar.jpg|150px|thumb|left|The dust settles over Anjunaar]]The investigation into The Factory quickly turns into a deadly firefight as criminal forces try to pin down the Starfleet away team. Police Inspector Jemet is badly injured while Flynn and Whittakerare pinned down. Commander Kelly's team arrives to lend aid; but Counselor Zinna and Commander Kelly are also injured. Trapped and with nowhere to go, Commander Whittaker puts through an urgent distress call to the Aegis. Knowing that they cannot simply beam the away team out because of the atmospheric interference, Major Tatash proposes a new solution - a HALO jump. If Lt Commander [[Kaitlyn Falcon]] can maneuver the Aegis low enough into the atmosphere and Lieutenant JG [[Cadfael Peters]] can boost the transporters a small strike force of marines can get beamed into the atmosphere below the shuttle lanes and orbital defenses, but above the atmospheric interference levels; allowing them to parachute into the area where the away team is attacked with transporter enhancers and additional firepower. It is a risky maneuver; but Commander Taybrim supports it. The preparations are put quickly into place as the Aegis moves into the atmosphere and the Marines gather on the transport pad. A few seconds later Major Tatash and his small strike force are sailing through the atmosphere of Tilanna V in an adrenaline-spiking thrill ride to save their friends. On the planet Lieutenant Vondaryan's team arrives at The Factory. By now the building is being evacuated of civilians and something is definitely wrong. Zel Rohan takes a gamble in climbing to the roof where the shuttles are parked, and gets lucky enough to retrieve Maximum Thrusters. They are able to launch the shuttle and provide cover fire until the marines arrive. Sweet Maxinne gets a bumpy ride back to the USS Aegis, landing safely. The Paladins are able to clear out the warehouse and set up transporters enhancers. A medical team from the capital, led by Dr. Ezo, is beamed in to immediately tend to the wounded while uncovering transporter connection with the whereabouts Aegis is established. Once established the away team is beamed directly to the Aegis' sickbay. The Archangels break down the mobile sickbay and retreat, but Commander Anders notices that one injured orphan boy is left behind. He decides to bring the child with him to the Aegis; and quickly discovers that the boy - Mason - lost his family to the criminal street wars a short time before the Aegis arrived. Unable to find next of Jankerkin, Anders decides to bring Mason with him to StarBase 118 where he petitions to adopt the boy. The USS Aegis pulls away from Tilanna V, leaving the evidence of corrupt officials and the cure for ATH with governor Al'Akir and Ambassador Dempok. Several days later the Klingon empire officially announces the other teams run annexation of Tilanna V, while the crew of StarBase 118 Ops enjoys a well-deserved shore leave. <center>{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" style="width:80%" align="center" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" "! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Master Chief] | Major Tatash proposes a HALO jump|-! style="width:200px;"|[ I'm Quintus Lucius Raisillius, I'm Here to Rescue You!] | The Paladins enact a dangerous HALO jump to extract the away team|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Game Over] | The end of a dirty cop|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Pulling the Leash] | Commodore Kinney sticks his nose into SB118's business|-|}</center> {{LCARS Section Heading|[[SB118Ops Dramatis Personae|Dramatis Personae]]|#7DF9FF}} {| class="wikitable collapsible" style="vertical-align: top; border-collapse: collapse" width="80%"! colspan=100% style ="background:#7DF9FF;" | All Time High Characters|-! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="10%" |Name! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="10%" |Species! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="10%" |Status! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="18%" |Created/Simmed by! style="background:#c4bfb8;" |Bio |-| align="center"|[[Gilora Jemet]]| align="center"|Cardassian| align="center"|Police Inspector| align="center"|{{n|Theo|Whittaker}}| align="center"|Gilora Jemet was a longtime Police Inspector on the Anjunaar police force and the main investigator for Boris Malinov's murder |-| align="center"|Ambassador Dempok| align="center"|Klingon| align="center"|Commander of the IKS S’Tarahk | align="center"|{{n|Tatash}}| align="center"|Dempok is a Klingon Ambassador and envoy of the Klingon Empire. There is a cordial, allied relationship between Dempok and the crew of SB118Ops|-| align="center"|Daahjan| align="center"|Tiburonian| align="center"|Incarcerated| align="center"|{{n|Theo|Whittaker}}| align="center"|Daahjan was Jemet's partner, and an officer corrupted by the Jenatris Confederation. He assassinated Boris Malinov and was captured by Starfleet authorities |-| align="center"|Al'Akir| align="center"|Efrosian| align="center"|Governor of [[Tilanna V]]| align="center"|{{n|Tatash}}| align="center"|Al'Akir is the Governor of Tilanna V. He petitioned for membership in the Klingon Empire and maintains cordial relations with both the Federation and the Klingon empire|-| align="center"|[[Janker]]| align="center"|Pelian| align="center"|Crime Lord | align="center"|{{n|Sal|Taybrim}}| align="center"|Janker is the alias of the main criminal manager of the efforts of the Jenatris Confederation on Tilanna V|-| align="center"|Srin Dakkeem| align="center"|Zakdorn| align="center"|Minor Criminal| align="center"|{{n|Trellis|Vondaryan}}| align="center"|Srin Dakkeem is a minor criminal member of the Jenatris Confederation. He escaped the cleansing of Anjunaar, allowing him to gain prestige in the criminal organization alongside Janker.|-|} {| class="wikitable collapsible" style="vertical-align: top; border-collapse: collapse" width=100%! colspan=100% style ="background:#7DF9FF;" | All Time High Ships and Locations|-! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="15%" |Name! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="15%" |Class/Type! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="10%" |Status! style="background:#c4bfb8;" width="15%" |Commanded By|-| align="center" |[[Tilanna V]]| align="center" |Inhabited Planet| align="center" |Under Klingon sovereignty| align="center" |Governor Al'Akir|-| colspan="100%" |Tilanna V was a corrupt independent world plagued by crime. StarBase 118 sent aidto help investigate the murder of Boris Malinov and the spread of the dangerous street drug All Time High. To continue the clean up efforts, Governor Al'Akir petitioned the Klingon Empire for admittance, and the Klingons agreed.|-| align="center" |IKS S’Tarahk| align="center" |[[Vor'cha class]] Cruiser| align="center" |Active| align="center" |Ambassador Dempok|-| colspan="100%" |The IKS S'Tarahk met with the [[USS Aegis]] in orbit around Tilanna V, where Ambassador Dempok and Commander Sal Taybrim had a conference about the criminal elements hiding on the planet that were plaguing the sector. Both commanders formed an agreement and the start of an alliance.|-| align="center" |[[MFT Maximum Thrusters]]| align="center" |Large Cargo Transport| align="center" |Active| align="center" |support vessel of [[StarBase 118 Ops]]|-| colspan="100%" |Chosen out of impound by [[Antero Flynn]] to pilot the away team to the surface of Tilanna V, MFT Maximum Thrusters, affectionately known as 'Sweet Maxine' served the team well. Due to the usefulness of undercover vessels in their investigations into criminal activity the senior staff of StarBase 118 decided to retain the vessel.|-|} {{LCARS Section Heading|[[StarBase 118 Ops Crew History|Crew Participating in the Mission]]|#7DF9FF}} {| class="wikitable" !colspan="3" style="color:black; background-color:#7DF9FF;" width="500px" |Officers taking part in the Mission|-!Name!Position!Notes|-|{{n|Sal|Taybrim}}|Commanding Officer||-|{{n|Theo|Whittaker}}|First Officer||-|{{n|Baylen|Anders}}|Mission Specialist|Also serving as Second Officer|-|{{n|Kaitlyn|Falcon}}|Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops||-|{{n|Antero|Flynn}}|CAG Officer|Promoted to Lieutenant 239303.20|-|{{n|Tatash|}}|Marine Commander||-|{{n|Ta’ev Fallah|D’Hass}}|Marine Officer|Transferred from the {{USS|Apollo|A}} 239302.13; LOA 239302.19|-|{{n|Freya|Andersen}}|Assistant Chief Security Officer||-|{{n|Rocko|Stevens}}|Security Officer|Retired: 239302.08 |-|{{n|Tyler|Kelly}}|Chief Tactical Officer|Joined 239302.03|-|{{n|Cadfael|Peters}}|Assistant Chief Engineering Officer|Switched PC to [[Carter Greyson]] 239303.20|-|{{n|Mirra|Ezo}}|Assistant Chief Medical Officer|Promoted to Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer 239303.20|-|{{n|Zinna|}}|Counselor|Promoted to Head Counselor 239303.20|-|{{n|Trel'lis}}|Diplomatic Officer||-|{{n|Trellis|Vondaryan}}|Chief Intelligence Officer||-|{{n|Bas Nadia}}|Yeoman||-|{{n|Arden|Cain}}|Civilian Consultant||}  <center>{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed" style="width:80%" align="center" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" "! style="background:#7DF9FF;" colspan="2"|Award Ceremony Sims|-! style="width:200px;"|[ Many Memories, Many Accolades] | The All Time High Mission Awards Ceremony|- |}</center>  {{LCARS Section Heading|Gallery and Quotes|#7DF9FF}} <gallery caption="Mission Toons" widths="200px" heights="200px" perrow="6">File:Tilanna Vice.jpg|Theo Whittaker stars in Tilanna ViceFile:Dale Tucker Space Trucker.jpg|Dale Tuker, Space Trucker</gallery>[[Category:StarBase 118 Mission History/Sal Taybrim|All]]

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