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Awakening (Darwin-A)

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The mission kicked off with the crew of ''Darwin'' gathered in the conference room to celebrate a round of promotions and awards. The mirth was short-lived, however, as Fleet Captain [[Renos]] announced that Borg activity had been detected in the [[Pouiyeog|Pouiyeog Region]]. Immediately, the crew began making preparations in their respective departments, considering such possibilities as an all-out Borg assault, being boarded, and liberating drones from the Collective.
Upon arriving in sector PR-E3, the crew found the Borg signal to originate from a nearby planet, but only on the planet; no Borg activity was detected in the surrounding space. Scans of the planet showed a crash site on the surface, a group of disconnected Borg drones, and a cloud of nanites that had escaped the planet, and were moving about nearby space in a sort of swarm. The nanites hold position behind ''Darwin'', apparently using the ship as a shield against weapons fire from the planet.
Chief Science Officer [[John Valdivia]] discovered that lights emanating from the cloud corresponded to a mathematical pattern, which could indicate an unprecedented demonstration of intelligence from the Borg nanites. ''Darwin'' took the nanites into her containment sphere for protection and further study, with the last resort of exterminating them with gamma radiation should they pose a threat.
Renos sent a team consisting of Counselor [[Didrik Stennes]], Assistant Chief Medical Officer [[Isabel Pond]], and Engineer [[Han Yamaki]] to one of ''Darwin'''s science labs to determine whether the nanites truly have developed sentience, and if so, how to communicate with them.
Meanwhile, First Officer [[Maxwell Traenor]] led a team consisting of Assistant Chief Security Officer [[Kurt Logan]], Helm Officer [[Randal Shayne]], and Systems Specialist [[Brell]] down to the planet, with the objective of disarming the Borg weapons, especially the ones capable of firing into space.
Chief Engineer [[Varaan]] led a separate team to the planet, consisting of Assistant Chief Tactical Officer [[Brayden Jorey]], Chief Medical Officer [[Graeme Cook]] and Science Officer [[Merrick R'Ven]], to destroy the vinculum and central plexus at the Borg crash site, ensuring it cannot reestablish contact with the Hive Mind.
Renos, seeking to ascertain the stability of the disconnected Borg drones and their risk to the region, led a team consisting of Valdivia, Security Officer [[Ra'Dar Dregen]] and Security and Tactical Recruit [[Iy]] to assist nem.
! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"| [ "A troubling signal"]! style="width:300px;"| Borg activity is confirmed in the [[Pouiyeog]]|-! style="width:200px;"| [ "The secrets of PR-E3"]! style="width:300px;"| ''Darwin'' arrives in sector E3
! style="width:200px;"| [ "Here comes the swarm"]! style="width:300px;"| Borg nanites escape the planet
! style="width:200px;"| [ "Nanite cloud"]! style="width:300px;"| The nanites appear to exhibit intelligence|- ! style="width:200px;"| [ "Surface expeditions"]! style="width:300px;"|Teams are formed to investigate

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