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Baylen and Theo

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Baylen adopted Mason when on a mission to Tilanni. He came to Baylen for medical treatment, he was very dirty and under feed. Baylen tried to take him home, but found his dead parents. Two Civil Engineers from Earth that was working for the Tilanni Government. After trying to find any living relations, he was unable, and not willing to leave a six year old boy on the streets of a dangerous planet Baylen took Mase with him. He cleaned him up and feed him. Mase feel asleep in the habitat wing of the modular sickbay and slept soundly.
On returning to the USS Aegis Mirra checked him out and gave him a clear bill of health. Baylen called Theo and the two meet for the first time. Baylen could feel that there was a bond with the two. Baylen wants to raise Mase with Theo as there own if he is not able to find his family.

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