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USS Veritas

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{{Ship Sidebar - NPC|SHIP NAME=USS Veritas|REGISTRY=NCC-95035|SHIP IMAGE=USS Tempest.png|TEMPLATE NAME=|BODY=<center>''Veritas'' Class</center>}}{{Motto - InactiveActive|The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.|Plutarch|ICON=StargazerVeritas-icon1icon2.gif}}The '''USS ''Veritas''''' is a Federation starship active as of 2391. The an extended-range medium cruiser commissioned in 2381 and the lead ship of her class, the ''Veritas'' is a deep space heavy cruiser commissioned in 2381. Her current commanding officer is Captain Liu Sheng-Wen[[Roshanara Rahman]], and her first officer is Lt. Commander [[Zhou Tai-ShengEvan Delano]].
As of 2392, the ''Veritas'' is assigned to serve the [[Federation]] colonies of the [[Colonial Coalition]] in the volatile region along the [[Tholian Assembly|Tholian border]] known as the [[Shoals]]. With Starfleet's constrained resources in the post-[[Dominion War]]/post-[Operation Safe Harbor[Hobus supernova|Hobus]]era stretched over an ever growing list of domestic and foreign commitments across the two quadrants, an anti-piracy effort by ''Veritas'' is the sole Starfleet. She ship operating in the area, and her homeport in the Shoals is currently combating drug trafficking in [[Star Station Esperance]], on the Jov Parom Sectornon-Federation world [[Esperance]].
===Crew===<gallery>File:ZhouTS.jpg|link=Zhou Tai-Sheng|''Veritas''[[Zhou Tailaunched under the command of Captain Liu Sheng-Sheng]]Wen in 2381. Liu had been a part of the class's development project at the Antares Fleet Yards and led the ship on its year-long shakedown cruise before completing a four-year tour of duty. The ship completed an additional four-year tour of duty under the command of Commander T'', First OfficerFile:Sky3Lan from 2386 to 2390.jpg|link=Blake, Sky|'''{{n|Sky|Blake}}''', Strategic Operations Officer</gallery>
In 2390, Captain [[Rosa Carrero]] was given command of ''Veritas''. During Carrero's tenure, ''Veritas'' was assigned to [[Operation Safe Harbor]], an anti-piracy effort by Starfleet begun in 2391, and began operating in the Shoals. In 2392, she combated drug trafficking in the Jov Parom Sector. In 2393, ''Veritas'' completed a tour of duty and visited [[Astrofori One]] in the [[Menthar Corridor]] for shore leave. At the end of that year, Carrero was killed while meeting with the governor of [[Shadow's Edge]] during an attack by unknown assailants. Admiral [[sh'Hiel]] subsequently reassigned Captain [[Roshanara Rahman]] of the {{USS|Syracuse}} to assume command and investigate the incident, in particular because a former shipmate of Rahman's, [[Evan Delano]], was possibly linked. To assist her with the task, sh'Hiel granted Rahman's request to reunite the former members of the {{NPCUSS|Invicta}} senior staff who had been scattered across various postings after their tour of duty aboard the ''Invicta'' had ended six months earlier.  [[File:Veritas-Starfleetorbit.jpg|thumb|400px|center|{{c|Veritas}} USS ''Veritas'']] {{118Fleet}}[[Category:NPC ShipsVeritas class vessels|V]][[Category:Active PC vessels|V]][[Category:Starfleet vessels|V]][[Category:Commissioned vessels|V]]

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