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Mayday (Invicta)

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Guest Stars
File:Vendip.jpg|[[Lily Ventu]]|link=Lily Ventu
File:ZorannaTem.jpg|[[Zoranna Tem]]|link=Zoranna Tem
*'''[[Anari Kthria]]''', the Trill Chief of Staff and former presidential candidate who is traveling aboard the ''Charles Lindbergh'' on her way to chair a conference between the Federation and the [[Colonial Coalition]]. **Kthria is played by Lt. Cmdr. [[Tsuki Kazeyama]], {{USS|Doyle|A}}.
*'''[[Gabriela Cariño]]''', the leader of the colonial extremists that have hijacked the ''Charles Lindbergh''.
*'''[[Shiarn]]''', a hired mercenary and Cariño's second-in-command
*'''[[Lily Ventu]]''', the newly-appointed Secretary of the Exterior for the United Federation of Planets. Just days into her new position, Secretary Ventu heads out to the frontier to deal with the crisis.
*'''[[Zoranna Tem]]''', Kthria's personal assistant.
*'''[[Oana]]''', a Risian singer and bartender aboard the ''Charles Lindbergh''

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