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StarBase 118 Flight Operations Tower

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Flight Operations Briefing Rooms
There 18 Briefing Rooms like this in the Flight Tower.
==Squadron Briefing Rooms==
[[Image:HT brieffront.jpg|thumb|500px|left|alt=3d Version|Starbase 118 Flight Operations Squadron Briefing Room]]
The Squadron Rooms are housed on different levels of the tower and also around the different flight bays in the starbase her self. Each Squad has two briefing rooms, one in the Command Tower and one next to there flight bay.
The Squadron Leader has a station on the lower level at the view screen with the pilots in seats about the upper levels. The rooms range in size from small to large depending on the units. Some are all Marine Units, some are all Star Fleet Units and then there are some Mixed Units as well as a group from Starfleet Core of Engineering, that works on loading and unloading of ships and doing repairs and refits as needed.
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